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The staff of the Simpsons Collector Sector wishes you and yours a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year. May all your stockings be filled with lots of Simpsacrap. We also invite you to come share holiday wishes in our Moes Tavern forum with the other members of the SCS community.

In addition to the Ironic Punishment set (due in March) and the Couch Gag set (due in May), McFarlane has a lot more Simpsons merchandise planned for 2006. According to a news item on their site, two more box sets are planned- an unknown set (it simply states 'SIMPSONS BOXED SET') and a Christmas-themed set due in November. Also, the main series of action figures will begin later in the year. They have series 1 (a THOH-themed series) listed for a Fall release. In this main part of the line, each series will feature around 5 or 6 figures from a specific episode with a small base that, when you collect them all, will form a scene from that episode. We'll keep you updated as news comes in.

Season 7 DVD Arrives This Week

The Simpsons Season 7 DVD set hits stores this Tuesday. Best Buy, Circuit City, and Target will all have it for a $29.99 sale price. The DVD features all uncut Season 7 episodes, commentary tracks, deleted scenes, and other animation showcases. Full listings on episodes and extras are available in our Release Guide. Reminder: There will be two versions of the DVD both available at retail- one with a Marge head and a normal box. Other than the box, there is no difference between the two sets. So, is it Tuesday yet?

McFarlane Reveals Full Prototype of Ironic Punishment

After a few teasers, McFarlane Toys has revealed multiple images of the full Ironic Punishment prototype. We have added an item to our comprehensive Release Guide for the set. The description of the action feature says: "Featuring 'donut-eating action,' you will be able to feed Homer donut after donut in what just may be the tastiest torture ever devised". This involves a lever; the donuts feed in the mouth and come out through the back (see the tray at the back). The set will be available in February. Thanks to kbbl for the heads up.

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The SCS's coffers are running low and we need help your help to stay up and running in the new year. We are taking PayPal donations at: or use the form on our fundraising page. Put "SCS Donation" and your SCS screenname (if you have one) in the subject title of the payment. One other way you can help is by using our affiliate link when doing your online shopping. Your donations will help cover our website fees as well as our Gold membership on ezboard. Anything you can donate is appreciated! Happy holidays and thanks for keeping SCS alive!

McFarlane has unleashed another teaser of their upcoming Ironic Punishment set. The previous tease was a shadow of the set, but this teaser gives the first real look at McFarlane's work on the line. So far, so good! We hope for more in the months to come. This set is scheduled for a February release. The set will feature a lever you pull to actually feed the donuts into his mouth and out through his back. Thanks to member jonboyatmu and SloppyJimbo for the heads up.

Homer Phone Home

Talking on the phone just got a little bit funner, thanks to the Homer Simpson animated talking phone. This 8.5" tall phone has moving limbs when the phone rings and says phrases like "Don't touch it, it might be work!" or "If that's Mr. Burns, I'm not here!". Product features include: Homer talks and moves with incoming calls, last-number redial, custom or conventional ringer, and tone/pulse option. This item is available at Best Buy stores. Thanks to FantasticDan for heads up.

LifeBeat is currently auctioning a signed Simpsons script on eBay for charity. The script is signed by Matt Groening, Yeardley Smith, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Dan Castellaneta, Harry Shearer, Karl Weidergott, and Pamela Hayden. The money goes to LIFEbeat. They are the music industry's charitable organization dedicated to reaching Americas youth with the message of HIV/AIDS prevention. A great collectible and a great cause. What more could you want? The auction ends on Sunday.

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