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'Twas The Night... Umm, After Christmas

Another Christmas-related sculpture is coming, this time from the Hawthorne Village group. It is the "The Night Before Christmas" Story House. It is a replica of the Simpsons house (approx. 16" W by 13" tall) that lights up, has motion, and songs to recreate the 'Night Before Christmas' story, Simpsonized. It costs a hefty $135. The order form is available in our Release Guide item. Thanks to SCS member GuinnessGulper for the images and info.

The staff of the Simpsons Collector Sector wishes you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all your stockings be filled with lots of Simpsacrap. We also invite you to come share holiday wishes in our Moes Tavern forum with the other members of the SCS community.

'Future' Savings In The Present

Here's another great Simpsons deal for those looking to fill holes in their collection. New Force Comics has lowered the price of their shared exclusive Future Burns set to $9.99 for opener sets. They have also have a sale on the Blocko sets. They make great Boxing Day stocking stuffers! Thanks to CletusTSJY for the heads up.

Rock The Vote... Blinky Style!

Voting is now taking place for the 5th Annual Blinky Awards, this year honoring the best of the World of Springfield line as a whole. All choices were based on member nominations from the entire span of the WoS line. You must be a registered member of our forums to vote. A ceremony to announce the winners will take place after the voting is finished. We previously did award ceremonies for the 2000, 2001, and 2002, and 2003 Blinky awards. Make your voice heard!

Season 5 Arrives On DVD!

As if we needed to remind you, tomorrow is the release of The Simpsons Season 5 on DVD (Region 1)! This set features many of the show's most classic episodes and is as jam-packed with extras as always, such as commentary on every episode. The best price in stores for this week is $29.99 at Best Buy. We have found very glowing reviews for the set at and at This looks like another excellent DVD release from Fox. Thanks to all who contributed info on this.

I'd Like To Buy A Vowel, Marge

The Simpsons Wheel of Fortune board game appears to be hitting now. It is now in stock and shipping at It should be in stock now, or soon, at toy stores across the country. The game is just like the popular TV show, but Simpson-ized. Thanks to SCS member 'eugene and rusty' for the heads up.

Cooder and Sinclair Do An Encore

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, they have already sold out.

The first WoS mailaway figures from 2002 (and some of the rarest exclusives in the line), Cooder and Sinclair are available again thanks to Entertainment Earth. They have apparently purchased Playmates' remaining stock on the duo and are selling them on their site for a fair price of $24.99. They are scheduled to ship sometime next month. They also have Be-Sharp Barney for sale.

We have another followup to our recent updates on the TRU rereleases of older WoS figures. So far the following figures have been rereleased at TRU stores for $2.95 each and are available now: Bart, Homer, Smithers, Wiggum, Krusty, Mr. Burns, Barney, Ned, and Milhouse. There were others that were supposed to be rereleased based on the initial report in April, but at this point we don't believe these are coming out. We may be proved wrong again, but we haven't received any indication that more figures will hit stores before the year ends and Playmates' WoS license expires. The TRU SKN to inquire about is 421904. Check our sightings thread for updates.

'Tis The Season For Giving (Your $$ To Hamilton)

The many Christmas Simpsacrap items released by Hamilton/Collectibles Today have company- the newly released Christmas tree. It features working lights, a wooden base, and 26 different Simpsons characters. It is available now, with express shipping. Thanks to gusbanks for the image. A representative from Hamilton (member "semilo") has posted in our forums, so if you have questions about their products, feel free to refer to his post.

Live in the U.K. and like winning stuff? No? Well too bad then. Wait, yes? Then we have good news! SCS member kermy812 informs us of this promotion Kellogg's is running overseas. Inside each box of Corn Flakes are Simpsons spokey dokeys and a chance to win other prizes, including the Road Rage videogame and Simpsons Cruiser Bikes. And don't forget to play the Spokey Dokey game!

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