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More Simpsons Comics for 2004

There are two new Simpsons books planned so far for release in 2004, Simpsons Comics Belly Buster continues where Madness left off, reprinting stories from Simpsons Comics #49 and #51-55.

Also scheduled to be released is The Simpsons Comic Strip Cavalcade which will reprint some of the comic strips syndicated in newspapers in the US and around the world.

Stonecutter Moe Is On The Move!

UPDATE: Collectors have reported that Moe is arriving now!

2003 is almost over, but there is still one more WoS item for collectors to expect: Stonecutter Moe. The figure has begun shipping, according to Playmates' mail-away rebate site. Moe should start arriving in mailboxes soon. If you still need to order him, you can do so with four Series 14 picture proof of purchases.

Devil Homer Explained

Many collectors were confused at the prototype for Series 16's "Devil Homer" seen at October's Toy Expo show, since many felt it was show-inaccurate and were expecting it to be "Evil Homer" with devil costume and maracas. Well they aren't making Evil Homer as some had hoped, but we now know that the Devil Homer figure is based on the show. Playmates has contacted us and stated that "you are correct the sample we had at Toy Fair was not correct. We are doing [D]evil Homer from how he appeared in episode DABF16. Hopefully this will make everybody happy." The Homer in that episode is the Devil as he appears on Homer's shoulders opposite the little Homer angel. This may not satisfy everyone, but it explains the reference for the figure.

Jackie Mason returns to guest voice as Rabbi Krustofski (the character that was almost an action figure) when Krusty gets ready for the bar Mitzvah he never had, with Homer guest hosting "The Krusty the Clown Show" while Krusty is gone.

The Collector Becomes The Collected

With the Playmates action figure already on shelves, fans now have another version of The Collector in their collection. SCS members inform us that Sideshow's Collector mini-bust is shipping now. This is a 1,000-piece exclusive to Sideshow's website (though you may find it in some European shops or websites later on). Also just shipping is the non-exclusive Apu bust from the third series. Thanks to all who reported this.

The End Of The Line For Rerelease Dioramas?

Fans wondering about the status of the Nuclear Power Plant diorama and other rerelease sets can probably stop wondering- It appears they will not be released after all. Our Playmates Toys liaison Michael Crawford says he was told that "It doesn't appear the two packs are going to sell through which means we will not be doing additional sets." D'oh!

MORE NEWS: First...2

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