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Last Call For Be-Sharps!

The time remaining to send in for the Be-Sharp mail-away figures is almost over. The deadline is 12/31/03. So if you haven't sent in for any of them, there isn't much time left. Playmates may accept orders beyond the deadline, but that cannot be guaranteed. To order, you will need the correct order forms (available on Playmates site) and the corresponding series UPCs/POPs. See our Be-Sharp F.A.Q. for details.

Rock The Vote... Blinky Style!

UPDATE: Voting is over. Look for the awards ceremony soon!

No, McBain isn't running for office, but he is on the ballot on SCS. Voting is now taking place for the 4th Annual Blinky Awards, in which we honor the best of the World of Springfield line in 2003. You must be a registered member of our forums to vote. A ceremony to announce the winners will take place after the voting is finished. We have previously done ceremonies for the 2000, 2001, and 2002 Blinky awards.

Time for more interviews with SCS members, this time it's the turn of The Swan 76 and Treehouse of Horror. If you want to take part in 20 questions, be sure to check out our message board for more details.

The staff of the Simpsons Collector Sector wishes you and yours a very happy Hanukkah, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all your stockings be filled with lots of Simpsacrap. We also invite you to come share holiday wishes in our Moes Tavern forum with the other members of the SCS community.

The SCS presents another in a series of interviews with our members, this time it's the turn of stroboy05 and Punk And Disorderly. If you want to take part in 20 questions, be sure to check out our message board for more details.

Worst Review Ever!

Ok, it's a good review, but the joke was too easy. Tonight at Michael's Review of the Week, MWC takes a look at two new Comic Book Guy mini-busts, one in his traditional look and the other based on his adventures as The Collector. Contrary to what the Comic Book Guy might do in his place, he gives them a good review. If the review isn't on the front page, check out the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 11/28/03.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Extra Time for UK Be Sharp Offer

UK Collectors may have longer than they expected with the Be Sharp offer. Despite the offer ending for people in the US on 12/31/2003 Sci-fi Warehouse expect that they will not be able to shift and will therefore continue to send them out after that deadline. We do not yet know how long they will continue to send them out after the deadline.

This Sale Is Old School

Now this is a sweet discount! The online-exclusive Original Simpsons set is 50% off at right now at the incredible price of $19.99. The price apparently may change back to the original price at points, so keep checking back if that's the case. This is a can't miss deal, so don't delay if you are still on the fence. Thanks to Patrick McDuffee for the heads up.

Laughing Time Is Over!

It's time to add a bunch of discounted WoS to your Christmas shopping list. Target has recent playsets, like the Military Antique Store and even the Aztec Theater marked down to $13.48. The rerelease dioramas are marked down 30%, as well. Also, you can get 20% off purchases and free shipping. Thanks to all who reported this.

The last new episode of 2003 airs tonight on Fox at 8PM EST, [FABF02] "'Tis the Fifteenth Season" which sees Homer in a "nice-off" against Ned Flanders. Homer sells a Joe DiMaggio rookie baseball card, only to spend the money on himself, but when he watches A Christmas Carol, he feels he needs to start doing things for other people.

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