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Main Street Review And Christmas Fun At, a great action figure review site, recently reviewed the WoS Main Street playset. It is a very well-written look at the deluxe set and worth checking out. They also have a funny Christmas adventure featuring Raging Willie and other action figures.

Be-Sharp Homer Arrives In The UK

UPDATE: Many U.S. collectors have checked online and seen that their Homers have shipped.

U.K.-based retailer Forbidden Planet has received their allottment of Homers and are shipping to customers. A limited supply is still available from their site. U.S. collectors should expect them in the next few weeks and remember that you have until the end of 2003 to send in your orders, so there shouldn't be any worries about getting them.

Electronics Boutique Has Series 11 and 12 Preorders has put up their preorders for the Series 11 figures, the Courtroom environment, the Series 12 figures, and the Treehouse environment. These are also available for preorder at

Rerelease Update: Moe and Mr. Burns Up First

To follow up on our news last month that Playmates will begin rereleasing core characters in 2003, a news item on Raving Toy Maniac reveals the first planned rereleases as Moe and Mr. Burns. These will be shipped with the Series 12 figures in March. Playmates is planning to correct the colors on Moe and possibly on Burns as well. These two selections are not set in stone yet, however.

The SCS presents another look at one of our members. This time around it's 20 Questions with Blinky (the SCS member, not the three-eyed fish). Be sure to check out the SCS Magazine for all of our 20 questions interviews.

New Image: Faces Of Springfield Series 2

Our Release Guide entry for the Faces of Springfield series 2 has been updated with this new promotional image provided by Michael Crawford and Playmates Toys, revealing the accessories for these 9" figures for the first time. This series is due out in stores in January.

Rocket USA Punches Back

Rocket USA produces some of the best Simpsons items available today. More great items are coming our way from them including the inflatable Boxing Homer bop bag and the tin Barney's Bowl-A-Rama game. Also coming in 2003 are the previously announced Moe's Tavern Pool Game and Itchy & Scratchy Pain-O-Meter. Can I begin drooling now?

BK Talking Watches: Get 'Em Before They're Gone

The Burger King talking watch promotion is almost over, but there's still plenty of time to pick up these awesome collectibles and stocking stuffers. The final one to show up is the Bart watch. Keep up with sightings and discussion in our BK forum. Mmm, fast food tie-ins....

Eye On eBay: Be-Sharp Homer Is Out?

The Be-Sharp Homer mail-away is on the way and it looks like he could be arriving sooner than later. eBay seller miknmo has an in-hand auction for the figure. We've seen no other sightings so far, but this is a very good sign that collectors will be receiving them soon.

Sideshow Bob returns, tonight at 8PM/7C! When someone locks Homer in a steam room, Chief Wiggum decides that, in order to find an attempted killer, it takes one with a lot of experience - Sideshow Bob.

MORE NEWS: First...23..Last

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