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Insider TRU Employee reports to us that Series 7 figures are almost ready to ring in the new year at Toys "R" Us stores. They are already in the warehouses and on the way to stores in California, possibly on the shelves by tomorrow, and also pending in Ohio. The rollout should continue nationwide in early January. is now listing both Series 7 figures and the Kitchen/Krusty Burger playsets in-stock. Check out their What's New page or their Simpsons category to see pictures including the first boxed pictures of the playsets. Figures are $6.99 and playsets are $24.99.

The Washington Post published this article on Christmas Day about a phenomenon toy collectors should be familiar with, the increasingly complicated way in which manufacturers package and secure their toys. Dot Pals Homer and WoS playsets are cited as some of the more glaring examples.

UPDATE: WizardWorld has clarified that their e-mail offer to ship figures out today was only meant for customers they chose to send the e-mail to. Tom is sending a message to everyone who writes him that they should wait and write back if the order isn't received by the first week of January.

WizardWorld has been contacting select people with Boxing Homer order problems on how they can get their orders resolved. They have also asked us to tell anyone at all who hasn't received Boxing Homer to contact Tom at Here is the e-mail they are sending out with a summary of their contact info, but only select people who contacted them earlier were offered this special treatment.... read more

Here is the latest update from New Force Comics & Collectibles, still the cheapest place to pre-order World of Springfield items online. In this e-mail New Force announces that they are now offering pre-sales for WoS Celebrity Series 1. They are charging $19.99 per set, $17.99 per damaged card set, and $35.99 per case... read more

Many people who pre-ordered WoS Series 10 from have reported that Amazon has cancelled their order. It's unclear why they did this, especially since they continue to list the item as available for pre-order. If you want to order it again you might try the new coupon CHNKBKAMZNFT for $5.00 off $35.00. Here is a copy of Amazon's cancellation e-mail... read more

The series' fifth Christmas episode, last new episode of 2001, and first episode under the new reign of returning head executive producer Al Jean debuts tonight on FOX at 8 PM ET. "She of Little Faith," guest starring Richard Gere, will also air next week at 8:30 PM ET on Christmas Day. Al Jean starts the sixth era of the show under different executive producers, following the runs of Sam Simon (seasons 1-2), Al Jean & Mike Reiss (3-4), David Mirkin (5-6), Bill Oakley & Josh Weinstein (7-8), and Mike Scully (9-12).. Here is's summary of "She of Little Faith" (DABF02)... read more

12/14/2001 Eye on eBay: - discuss

Member Dr Colossus 2F20's auction for the rare Mattel mail-away "Save Blinky" Bart figure which we reported on earlier is ending this afternoon. The price for this all-time Simpsons action figure holy grail that may never have hit eBay before is now nearing $1,000. We will update this story with the final price.

UPDATE: The item is no longer available. It sold out in about four hours after being put up this morning.

Thank Jebus, the Simpsons Family Christmas Toys 'R Us exclusive playset is now available through for $34.99 plus shipping.

12/9/2001 Experience - discuss

Paul Newman continues the recent string of guest stars on the 5th episode of The Simpsons' 13th season, debuting tonight on FOX at 8 PM ET (Futurama's 4th season premiere also airs tonight at 7 PM ET). This is the last of the "CABF" series which marks the end of Mike Scully's 4-year reign as executive producer. Some critics might say the episode's title is oddly appropriate in light of that fact, but the vast majority still seem to agree the show has never jumped the shark. Here is's summary of "The Blunder Years" (CABF21)... read more

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