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Michael Crawford Goes Batty For New Bust-Ups

It seems that Series 3 just came out, but Series 4 of Gentle Giant's Simpsons Bust-Ups is now in stores. I found a full set at Hot Topic. Michael Crawford looks at the latest releases on his Review of the Week website (review dated 11/15/06 if not on the main page). It's a THOH series: Bart as a werewolf, Homer as Death, the good/evil Krusty doll, and Hibbert as a vampire, holding the gorilla Grampa. All got top marks from the Captain. Big gripe, though? The 'evil' Krusty is a shortpacked variant (blind packaged to boot); the version you are most likely to get is the 'good' Krusty. Not cool, Gentle Giant, not cool.

The teaser poster for The Simpsons movie is starting to hit theatres (see image above, courtesy of eBay seller 'lasv3gas'). A teaser poster is a poster that comes out well in advance of a movie's release and usually just has an image/artwork or a character from a film as 'tease' of the film still in post-production. The official, final poster should be out closer to the movie's release. The film will be released on July 27, 2007 (during the weekend of the San Diego Comic Con, for you hardcore geeks). Thanks to SCS member spman200 for the heads up.

McFarlane Posts Series 1 Preview

In addition to more boxed sets (Manimals, Lard Lad, movie set), McFarlane Toys has a Series 1 assortment coming in March. At right is a preview of a figure from that series: Marge as seen in the THOH short "The Belly of the Boss". Here is the full lineup for that series:... read more

McFarlane Releases Itchy & Scratchy Teaser Image

A few months ago, McFarlane Toys released their 2007 release schedule, which included in March a boxed set entitled 'Itchy & Scratchy: Spay Anything'. Now they have posted on their forums a teaser image for this set. As with the two previous box sets, there will likely be some interactive action feature with the set. The next McFarlane Simpsons release will be the Lard Lad set followed by a series of figures (dioramas?) due in March. Thanks to Red the Trucker for the heads up.

Series 3 Bust Ups Now Available

The third series of Gentle Giant's popular Simpsons Bust-Ups are now hitting collectible shops. This series is themed around music. It features: Lisa and Bleeding Gums Murphy jamming on the bridge, the Party Posse, Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II playing piano, and Homer with Barney and Otto at Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp. The fourth series- themed around THOH again- is due out very soon as well. A fifth series- themed around love/hearts- is due in February.

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