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McFarlane Tease Is Ironic Punishment

We come a little closer to seeing McFarlane's new Simpsons line today, as McFarlane unleashes a teaser image on their forums. Although they don't say what it is, a close look at the image shows it is the Ironic Punishment set, in which Homer is fed an endless supply of donuts. The plan is to have a lever you pull to actually feed the donuts into his mouth and out through his back. This set is scheduled for a February release. The second special release, a Couch Gag set, will be out in May. The main series of the line will start later in 2006. Mmmmm, teases...

MWC Chases The Bust-Ups

Michael Crawford takes a look this week at the new Simpsons Bust-Ups from Gentle Giant on his Review of the Week website. Michael discusses the chase figure situation with this series and how this marketing practice is hurting collectors in general. Regardless, Michael heaps a lot of praise on the figures themselves. Perfect sculpts, paint jobs, and packaging all add up to a must-have new set of collectibles. Go buy them now! If not on the front page, check out his archives for the review.

Season 7 DVD Art Revealed has posted images of the two different boxes for the upcoming Season 7 DVD set. This time, instead of doing mailaways, there will be two versions of the DVD both available at retail- one with a Marge head and a normal box (pictured here). Other than the packaging, both versions will be exactly the same in terms of content. previously revealed the extras for the DVD. The set will be released on December 13, just one month away.

An update to last month's news on the McFarlane Simpsons line has some more details on the release dates. The main figure assortment is still slated for a late 2006 release. The first two planned sets (Ironic Punishment and Couch Gag) may be out a little earlier than that. The McFarlane website lists the Ironic Punishment set with a February 2006 release. The Family Couch Gag set is listed with a May 2006 release date. There may be another slight delay, but that's the plan for now. We'll continue to update if any new info comes in.

Gentle Giant's Bust-Ups Are A Hit

Gentle Giant's new line of Simpsons Bust-Ups are out and they appear to be a big hit with collectors. The first series, themed around THOH, features: Bart the Raven, Count Burns, Devil Flanders, and Kang & Alien Maggie. There are two chases in this series- a Flanders done in red translucent plastic and a Kang in green translucent plastic. These are also available at retail stores, such as the Media Play/Suncoast chain. Series 2 will be out in the Spring and will feature: Bart and Marge in Kitchen, Apu and Sanjay, Homer and the Gummi Venus De Milo, and Chief Wiggum.

Simpsons Bobbleheads Are Out

Funko's new line of Simpsons bobbleheads are now out. A number of online retailers, such as Wicked Cool Stuff, now have them in stock. They should also be available at hobby or comic shops. The first series includes: Homer, Mr. Burns, Moe, Duffman, and Apu. They come in special window collector boxes. Cameron Collectibles has images of them in the box. Mmmmm, bobblicious...

NJCroce Co. are the makers of the ongoing Simpsons bendable line. They have done six series (a family set, Power Plant set, a THOH Zombie set, Krustylu Studios set, a second THOH set, and a Springfield Elemetary set), some smaller sets, Toy Fair exclusives, and more. Planned for the future is a Kang and Kodos set and a Moe's Tavern set. The former is still coming; the latter may not be. Here's what NJCroce told SCS member allenjob79: "Unfortunately, Kang and Kodos will not be available for another 90 days and there are no immediate plans for Moe's Tavern at this point. Please watch our website, for any news regarding new merchandise for the future". Let's hope the line will continue beyond Kang and Kodos.

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