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Simpsons Complete First Five Seasons DVD Set Planned

Haven't been buying the Simpsons DVD sets? What kind of lazy geek are you??! But, fear not, offers you a chance to redeem yourself with 'The Simpsons - The Complete First Five Seasons' DVD box set, containing the first five season sets all collected together. Release date is December 21, same as the Season 5 DVD set. Thanks to SCS member 0 UNFLEEXABLE 0 for the info.

UPDATE (11/20): Looks like we were wrong! The other figures mentioned for rerelease are coming out; it appears Playmates is breaking up the rereleases in sets. SCS member i86time reports finding Smithers, Milhouse and Wiggum (in cases labeled 'Series 3'). The SKU for these is the same as the others. Keep checking your TRUs as these slowly trickle in.

The World of Springfield releases that we reported on last week are still slowly shipping to TRU stores around the country. We have started a sightings thread on our forums in addition to the discussion thread. The SKN is 421904 for these. Since these are marked for clearance, many stores might not stock these right away, so you can give that SKU to a store manager to see if they do have them in the back. Only six figures have been found. These are Homer, Bart, Mr. Burns, Barney, Krusty the Klown, and Flanders. Other figures were discussed when these were first announced, but the rerelease plans may have been scaled back. Thanks to all the SCS members who helped gather info for this update. These are the last WoS releases in the line.

Tommy Sanchez from the Custom of the Year site has sent us the press release for the Custom of the Year Awards 2004, which is currently ongoing. Entries started October 15th and will be taken until the end of the year. The contest includes several judges from the toy and toy news industry, including our own Michael Crawford, and is the result of a almost a year of work inspired by online conventions and recent toy-as-art exhibits. Information on the entries, rules, judges, etc., are available on their website.

Who Wears Short Shorts? *I* Wear Short Shorts!

We received an email update from Wonderful World of Animation informing us that they've released a new Simpsons Limited called Frisky Business. This piece recreates a classic scene from "Homer The Heretic". The link for the press release contains a detailed image and ordering info for it. It is limited to just 150 pieces worldwide and priced at $850. If you buy by December 20th, you also get a free Saturday Afternoon Simpsons light sculpture. Thanks to WWOA for the info.

But, We Don't Want To Play Friendly!

In an incredible steal, currently has last year's exclusive Tracy Ullman "Flashback" set at 75%, for a price $9.98 with qualifying free shipping with other toy purchases that total $49 or more. This is a great deal for those who still need the set. No word on how long this price will be in place, but it's probably a permanent reduction. Thanks to SCS member homers doh main for the heads up.

Gentle Giant Announces Simpsons Bust-Ups For 2005

Gentle Giant Studios has made an announcement that they will be releasing a line of Simpsons Bust-Ups starting in the summer of 2005. These will be similar to the Star Wars Bust-Ups they've done. For the Simpsons line, Gentle Giant plans on building on the bust style and include full figure and diorama style Bust-Ups. Bust-Ups are miniature plastic busts, requiring some assembly. They are about 2-3" tall and come blind-boxed (like Kubricks). They plan on doing about four series per year.

Rereleases Hitting TRU Stores Now!

UPDATE: We have confirmed sightings of these elsewhere. In addition, Krustys were spotted in other case assortments.

The WoS rereleases we first mentioned in April are now surfacing. SCS member SimpsonsGeek reports going to Toys R Us in Wisconsin and seeing a box labled "SIMPSONS FIGURES". They turned out to be the rereleases and, in the case of his store, were even on clearance for less than $1! They had the original 2000 copyright, but had the datestamp on the package now. The ones he found were Homer, Bart, Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, and Barney.

The back of the Series 4 bendables set reveals the next series planned by NJ Croce, which is themed around Moe's Tavern. The series is set to include Homer (with Isotopes cap), Barney, Moe, Duffman, Duffgirl 1, and Duffgirl 2. Mmmmm, Duffgirls... No date is given, but the set should be out sometime early next year. Also, some noticed that, in the Series 4 promo image, Bart's lucky red cap was incorrectly painted white. This has been corrected in the final product.

Playset Art Exclusive Look: Town Square

It has returned! With thanks to Chris Lauria and Playmates Toys, we are bringing you a Playset Art Exclusive Look: Town Square, the 11th in our continuing series of features on the development of WoS playsets. This series was on hiatus, but with WoS over we plan to bring more of these interesting looks at the early art. Check out past installments in the SCS Magazine.

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