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A new episode of "The Simpsons" airs tonight at 8pm EST. "Don't cry for me, kids of Springfield!"; Michael Moore guest voices as himself when newly-elected school president Lisa leads a student revolt which turns into something very similar to the musical 'Evita'. A rerun of "Bart of War" airs afterwards at 8:30pm.

Cheap Rent On Main Street

UPDATE: It turns out that a number of past TRU exclusives are also being clearanced. The Mobile Home set is on sale for $14.98, the Bowling Alley set is now $14.98 as well, and the Blocko 9-pack is now $13.98.

Now this a great deal! It appears some TRU locations have put remaining stock of last year's exclusive, deluxe Main Street set on clearance. SCS member Y U Little reports seeing the sets on sale for $29.98 in a Norwalk, CT store. Not all stores may have this price, so check with your local TRU.

MWC Reviews the Future

Michael Crawford has gotten his hands on the shared New Force/Electronics Boutique exclusive "The Next Century" playset, previously known as the "Future Burns" set. MWC spots the most WOS articulation seen to date, as well as the first "non-interactive" WOS figure. Check out the review at the usual Michael's Review of the Week. If the review is not on the front page, check out the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 11/13/03.

Cheap DVDs? Woo-hoo!

SCS member Red the Trucker informs us of a great deal on the recently released themed DVD sets. Starting this Sunday, as part of Circuit City's 2 for $15 sale, you can get The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror and Christmas With The Simpsons DVDs together. This deal is likely only good for that week only, of course.

Take A Trip To The Aztec Theater

Some collectors have expressed difficulty in locating the new Aztec Theater w/ McBain set in stores. We're not sure what the reason for that is, but we will keep you updated. However, if you can't wait, has it in stock now. Thanks to member getting2old for the heads up.

Simpsons merchandising has expanded greatly over the years and is the topic of a new article on MSNBC's website called "‘Simpsons’ evolves as an industry". The article discusses the longevity of the show and how that has helped FOX harness a whole realm of “Simpsons” licensing opportunities over the years. Merchandise from the WoS figures and sets, videogames, and fast-food tie-ins are discussed. Check it out!

The official season premiere of "The Simpsons" airs tonight at 8pm EST. Glenn Close returns as Homer's mother, this time on her way to jail - at least she was before Homer decides to hijack the prison bus she's on. A rerun of the Emmy-winning "Three Gays Of The Condo" airs afterwards at 8:30pm.

MWC Reviews Series 2 Busts

The second series of Simpsons mini-busts from Sideshow Toy are spotlighted tonight at Michael's Review of the Week. They're a shining improvement over the first set, Michael says, and that bodes well for the upcoming The Collector bust and the rest of the line. If the review is not on the front page, check out the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 11/07/03.

A Look Inside The Collector's Lair

You recently bought it, now find out how it came to be. With thanks to Chris Lauria and Playmates Toys, we are bringing you a Playset Art Exclusive Look: Collector's Lair, the 10th in our continuing series of features on the development of WoS playsets. Check out past installments in the SCS Magazine.

Simpsons Couch Gags Come To Life (Sort Of)

"Couch Classics", the premiere issue in the Simpsons Cough Gag Collection by Hamilton, is shipping now. To get ordering info, contact the folks at Collectibles Today. Also recently shipped is "Drink Up, Chumps" featuring Moe from The Springfield Citizens collection. Thanks to scotchtoberfest for the info and pics.

MORE NEWS: First...2..Last

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