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Christmas Comes To Krusty Burger

Collectibles Today has some great (and very extensive) holiday collections like the Simpsons Christmas Express and the Simpsons Christmas Village available now. The latter collection just saw the release of its newest piece: the Krusty Burger. As usual it comes with an exclusive figurine (of the Family Car this time), working lights, and other details. Thanks to member semaj nala for the info and picture.

We present you with the first of two Christmas-themed news items this evening. For those shopping for the perfect gift for the toy geek in your life, has a really cool new feature up called "Christmas 2003: What's On Your List?", an action figure wishlist that includes the Future Burns set and mentions of other Simpsons goodies. Put some yellow under your tree this year.

A new episode of "The Simpsons" airs tonight at 8pm EST. When Homer is attacked by a bear at the city dump, he decides not to get mad, but get even, complete with a "bear-fighting suit". The 8:30 reruns have ended, though.

Number Twelve To Join Stonecutter Brethren Soon

Kenny from Sci-Fi Warehouse / Forbidden Planet has sent us the promo image for Stonecutter Lenny, from the mail-away inserts of the upcoming Series 15 figures. Previous info we were given stated that Stonecutter Wiggum would be the mail-away for that series, but that seems to have changed. We will get an answer on that soon.

MWC Screens The Aztec Theater

Michael Crawford MWC finished his turkey in time to put up his latest review at Michael's Review of the Week- an anticipated look at the Aztec Theater set, which is making its way to stores like TRU, EB, and GameStop all over. It's getting high praise from collectors and MWC expresses equally complimentary sentiments here. If the review is not on the front page, check out the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 11/28/03.

Save D'oh On Black Friday

For those of you brave enough to face the crowds tomorrow, Best Buy has a great deal on a number of DVDs- including the Simpsons Season One set. It will be $11.99, for tomorrow only from 6am to Noon. There will be a limit per store, but if you're out tomorrow morning, it'll make a great stocking stuffer for the Simpsons fan(s) in your life. Thanks to redmans for the info.

Extra! Extra! Be-Sharps Tour To End Soon!

Just a reminder to all you procrastinators out there: There are now 36 days remaining until the Be-Sharp mail-away offers expire. The deadline is 12/31/03. So if you haven't sent in for any of the Be-Sharps, there is still time to complete your set. As long as you have the correct order forms (available on Playmates site) and the corresponding UPCs/POPs, you will be fine. See our Be-Sharp F.A.Q. for details.

It has been brought to our attention that some people are still experiencing problems processing images due to an initial error in our Series 15/16 prototypes article. We resolved the error and remaining problems are likely due to temporary internet files on the computer itself. If you are experiencing the problem, please clear your internet cache and restart your computer. That should d'oh the trick.

'Maybe We Don't Wanna Be Stonecutters No More...'

Stonecutter Moe, the first in a new mail-away series, is due soon. SCS members have reported their orders are processing, according to Playmates' mail-away rebate site. You can still order Moe using four picture Proof of Purchases and the official order form from Series 14. Future Stonecutters are Wiggum, Lenny, and Carl. A Stonecutter Hall set is tentatively sheduled as a 2004 exclusive.

Series 15 and 16: Prototype Images Revealed

UPDATE: The pictures are back up. Thanks for your patience.

With thanks to Playmates Toys and Michael Crawford MWC, we present the official prototype images for Series 15 and 16 in the SCS Magazine. There are detailed images from each series, figures and playsets. And in case you missed it the first time around, you can still see more 2004 WoS images in our coverage of last month's Toy Expo.

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