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MORE NEWS: First...2345..Last Is Kickin' It Old School (Fox's official store) is back online and offering some great older Simpsons merchandise and WoS items for sale. They currently list several older WoS items as in-stock including Series 1 Homer and Bart, Series 2 Sunday Best Bart, Series 2 Kwik-E-Mart and Springfield Elementary Interactive Playsets, and all of the Series 4 figures (Ralph Wiggum, Patty, Groundskeeper Willie, Lenny, Casual Homer and Itchy & Scratchy). They've also got a couple of harder to find items like the Kwik-E-Mart shirt. Check under 'Apparel' for the shirts and under 'Novelties' for the WOS items. Go now, as these probably will not last long.

Moe's Tavern At Amazon

UPDATE: Amazon does sell Diamond exclusives, but their shipping date of 11/15 is inaccurate.

The eagerly awaited Moe's Tavern environment is scheduled to be an EB/Diamond co-exclusive released in late December. However, some of our members have noticed that is being offered on We are not sure what the deal is with that and we are working to get confirmation on this interesting development.

It's that time again, another look at an SCS member. Feast your eyes on 20 Questions with morphy10. Be sure to check out the SCS Magazine for this and all of our past 20 questions interviews.

The first Sunday Best figure, that loveable scamp Bart, came out a full two years ago and now he's finally been reunited with his family. Like we promised last February, we've photographed the completion of the latest subset in the WoS line. The Be Sharps mail-aways are the next up. Look for that set to be finished, complete with TRU exclusive playset, late next summer.

Hot Dog!... We Have A Weiner?

The newly released KBBL Studios set featuring the cult favorite DJs Bill and Marty is the latest Simpsons item to be tackled by Michael Crawford on his his review site this month. Is it worth the money? MWC trys to answer that question and others in his review (it is located in the cartoon review section for the date 11/06/2002 if it's not on the front page).

Now That's What I Call A Collection!

SCS member and eBay junkie IPASF has more than lived up to his nickname, "Homerholic". He has one of the most impressive Simpsons collections we've ever seen and now he's created a new website, to share it with everyone. Take a look and keep that drool bucket handy.

MWC's A Metal Head

The Michael's Review Of The Day site has yellow fever! Tonight, Mr. Crawford looks at Rocket USA's new limited Die-Cast figurine sets, the first in a possible series of Simpsons die-cast sets (it is located in the cartoon review section for the date 11/04/2002 if it's not on the front page).

Just a reminder to our fellow Simpsons fanatics that "Treehouse of Horror XIII", the season premiere of "The Simpsons", is on tonight at 8PM/7C. The annual frightfest consists of the following three shorts: "Send in the Clones," "The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms" and "The Island of Dr. Hibbert." Don't miss it!

Creepy Classics Isn't Over 'Til The Simpsons Say It Is

Halloween has come and come but, like on TV, the Simpsons are still celebrating. The final week of the Creepy Classics promotion is at hand. The final figures to be released are Lisa and Willie. As always, you can keep up with all the news in our Creepy Classics forum. Look for info on BK's November Simpsons promotion here soon.

Main Street Is Back In Town!

Main Street has been the most anticipated WoS item recently despite already having been released in September. The port lockout severly delayed shipments, but the good news is that it is back in TRU stores right now!... read more

MORE NEWS: First...2345..Last

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