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MWC Travels Down Main Street

It's finally here! Michael Crawford's search for the TRU exclusive Main Street is finally over and he's got his long-awaited review up on his site, complete with many detailed pictures. Like many collectors, it seems Mr. Crawford couldn't help but fall in love with this deluxe set. If the review is not on the front page make sure to check the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 11/25/02.

Tonight brings us a "Simpsons" episode that I don't think any of us expected to see: Marge goes into the hospital for plastic surgery, but ends up getting breast implants! Also, Bart watches an episode of Batman (complete with Adam West and Burt Ward voicing Batman and Robin) with someone who looks a lot like Krusty as the special guest villain, Clownman.

We have received reports from collectors of a variation in the TRU exclusive New Year's Eve set. As seen in the pictures SCS member Ham Salad submitted above, one version features a clear yellow star while another has a solid yellow star. While the clear version seems more prominent, neither is necessarily rarer than the other. It is an interesting find, though.

Simpsons Collectible Bendable Figures Released

Series 1 of the bendable Simpsons figures, out now, features the basic Family, with a bonus Santa's Little Helper. Future releases of these figures will not include the bonus figures. These should be available at the following retail sources: Spencer Gifts, Musicland, Urban Outfitters, What on Earth catalog, and BMG direct. New series will be released every six months.

EB Announces Minor Moe's Tavern Delay has announced that the exclusive Moe's Tavern environment has been pushed back from late December to January 12, 2003. This date could still change, though. The Moe's Tavern set will come with a Duffman figure and will work with 30 to 40 figures.

Playmates Toys has set up a special new Rebate Inquiry website for collectors to check the shipping status for their Celebrity mail-aways, which started arriving last week. Simply enter your last name, address, and ZIP code into the fields indicated.

Main Street Back On Amazon

UPDATE (11/22): Main Street comes back in stock from time to time, so keep checking back. has the TRU exclusive Main Street playset back in stock. The New Year's Eve set is also available. Don't delay as there's no telling how long they will stay in stock. Please note that you get free shipping on orders of $99 or more. Both sets are also still showing up in TRU stores in greater numbers now.

The SCS presents another interview with one of our members, this time it's 20 Questions with ILIKESTORIES. Make sure you check out the SCS Magazine for more of our 20 Questions Interviews. If you're interested in participating in 20 questions, be sure to check out our Message Board for more information.

MWC Rings In The New Year!

Michael Crawford has the first of two WoS reviews he's doing in the next week or so (the next one is big) on his review site tonight. In this one, he looks at the interesting new New Year's Eve playset, which is a TRU exclusive now hitting stores all across the country. If the review is not on the front page make sure to check the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 11/20/02.

Burger King And 'The Simpsons' Make It Official

A recent article on sheds more light on Burger King's upcoming promotion featuring talking Simpsons watches. Available November 25 through December 29 for $1.99 with the purchase of a value meal, they will be accompanied by product packaging featuring our favorite family.... read more

MORE NEWS: First...2345..Last

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