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Every WoS collector has likely had troubles with the pegs on the WoS interactive environments at one point or another and not getting the figures to talk can be very frustrating. Luckily, SCS member "the hurting glavin mmhey" has laid out an easy six-step process to repair the problems, using Main Street as an example in a special Customs magazine article. Don't worry if you're no Bob Vila, it is easy for beginners to follow.

First Glimpse of Apu de Beaumarche

UPDATED (11/30): Our Release Guide entry has been updated with two new images of the loose test shot figure. Also check out the boxed images of Be Sharp Homer which we posted earlier in the week.

Michael Crawford and Playmates Toys send us this first look at Be Sharps Apu - otherwise known as "Apu de Beaumarche" - a test shot (prototype) version of the figure in mocked-up packaging.

Rumor Patrol: Burns Manor Recalled?

There is an unsubstantiated report going around that store owners have received a memo to recall the Burns Manor playset because of the "Due to my hectic schedule and lethargic sperm, I never fathered an heir" line that Mr. Burn says. We have received no real evidence of any kind to support this, so this should be treated as nothing more than a rumor for now.

First Look at Bart's Treehouse

More pics? That's right! Michael Crawford and Playmates Toys have sent us promo photos of the upcoming Bart's Treehouse playset.

The venerable markwars1972 has finished this month's WoS Price Guide update a bit early. There has been a bit of a shake up in some of the prices, make sure to check out the discussion of the latest update for all the information.

Mark's masterlist has also been updated, with even more updates on the way (as the WoS DB is updated).

SCS member jbelkin800, who wrote an editorial for us last year has continued to be a great presence on our forums with his thoughtful, well-written posts. We have compiled one of his recent postings into a new magazine article called "Where Do We Go From Here?". He's got some good thoughts and some great ideas on how to make WoS a continuing success. It's definitely worth reading.

Rocket USA Tin Toys Simply Click

The December issue of the Diamond Previews catalog has new color images of and details on Rocket USA's Itchy & Scratchy Pain-O-Meter Klick Toy and Moe’s Tavern Tin Pool Game, due out for release early next year. The prices are $7.49 and $29.99, respectively.

Be Sharps Homer Boxed Images

Thanks to Michael Crawford and Playmates Toys we now have boxed images of the forthcoming Be Sharps Homer promotional mail-away figure. This figure will be boxed and packaged like the ToyFare Magazine exclusives were previously, and not poly-bagged like Cooder and Sinclair, the first Playmates mail-away figures. Check out our Release Guide entry for front and back boxed images, plus a look at the mailer that Homer will arrive in.

Be Sharps Available To European Collectors!

Great news for overseas collectors feeling left out by Playmates' mail-away promotion. UK-based retailer Forbidden Planet is offering them to European collectors, starting with the Be Sharp Homer figure. Simply send them 4 UPC codes from the Series 10 figures or order that series directly to receive your Homer. They will also be doing this for Be Sharp Apu and the others.

BK Starts Talking Watch Promotion

Starting this week, you can get talking Simpsons watches at Burger King, available for around $1.99-$2.50 with the purchase of a value meal through December 29. SCS member Simpsonsfan4life has taken some pictures of them, which we have added to our Release Guide entry. Each watch has a unique design and phrase: Simpsons Family Drive (the kids whine "Are we there yet?" while Homer yelps "No!"), Bart Simpson ("Cool your jets, man!"), Homer Simpson ("Mmm ... burgers!"), and Krusty the Klown ("Hey kids, it's story time!"). Soda cups, french fry cartons, paper wrappers and trayliners featuring the Simpsons round out the promotion. Homer, you've created a Whopper!

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