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The official season premiere of The Simpsons airs tonight on FOX. The time is being delayed 10 minutes behind 8 PM due to sports, at least on the east coast. "The Parent Rap" (CABF22) kicks off the 13th season of the series. Here is's summary of the episode... read more

Here is the latest update from New Force Comics & Collectibles, still the cheapest place to pre-order World of Springfield items online. The big news is the announcement of Wave 7 pre-sales starting this week... read more

UPDATE (11/8): Member YabbaDabba Doh made a mistake telling us he found this variant of the Loser Takes All board game at Toys "R" Us for $24.99. He actually found it at Kohl's department store where it cost $19.99. GuinnessGulper sent us a picture of this version which comes in a tin as opposed to the original version which comes in a standard board game box for a cheaper price. The original version is pictured on

Member brianch1 found the new Simpsons Shrinky Dinks refill kit at Toys "R" Us this week and sent us these scans. These work in either the official Shrinky Dinks Maker or a conventional oven. The Shrinky Dinks Maker is on sale at TRU for $19.99 from 11/4 to 11/21 with the coupon in their flyer. The TRU SKN for the licensed refill kits is 284322, but Monsters Inc. sets may also be included in the assortment. The price is $8.99. The images used for the Simpsons set include... read more

This is your reminder that the first new episode of Season 13, Treehouse of Horror XII (CABF19), airs tonight on FOX at 8:30 ET. You may or may not have missed Kang & Kodos in retail stores, but don't miss them on TV tonight. Here is a description of the episode from read more

...but were afraid to ask. Since many collectors are unfamiliar with the characters that the Bongo Comics figures announced in Lee's #109 are based on, we have done some research on them and pinpointed the exact comic book issues from which these characters originate... read more

UPDATE: The revised Series 9 and 10 listed by Lee's have also been added.

Thanks to readers of Lee's Action Figure News & Toy Review #109 (shipping to subscribers now and to comic stores on Wednesday), including Jonathan L., Joe9948, and kbbl, we now know the revised and expanded schedule for WoS in 2002 including exclusives! Most surprising is the announcement of Bongo Comics figures; these will be shared among three sources, Toys "R" Us, Diamond/EB, and Wizard. We can only guess whether these figures will talk or be in scale to WoS. Some of the other newly announced upcoming releases include the Be Sharps, Hank Scorpio, TOH3, and Number 1. Here is the complete list... read more

TRU Employee informs us Toys "R" Us will have three Playmates Simpsons exclusives next year. We know about the Celebrity 2-pack, Treehouse of Horror III seems inevitable, but the third is anybody's guess. Itchykorean posted the warehouse quantities for the Celebrity 2-pack, although we're not sure where the new "0901" warehouse is. All our TRU sources confirm 40,000 pieces will be ordered. TRU Employee says this breakdown may only add up to 27,512 because the remaining 12,488 will come in a second shipment... read more

The Family Christmas exclusive is nearing saturation, on the warehouse side of things anyway, now on hand in 9 out of 10 distribution centers according to TRU insider brianch1... read more

Member disco robb looked up some SKN numbers in the Toys "R" Us computers which confirm all the TRU SKNs we've previously reported over the past few weeks. Here is the summary... read more

MORE NEWS: First...2

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