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EA is releasing The Simpsons Game this week on the following platforms: X-BOX 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, PSP, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS. If anyone will be in LA Tuesday night, there will be a release party for the game-

"Come to the Universal CityWalk on October 30th starting at 8:00pm for a chance to play and purchase a copy of the brand new; The Simpsons Game! With over 40 minutes of animated cut-scenes straight from the artists of the TV show and movie and 16 episodes of a hilarious interactive adventure, this game is packed with the spoofs, parody and humor fans will love! Electronic Arts will also be tossing out to the crowd limited edition Homerballs, Simpsons Yellow T-Shirts, and other collectibles! Tune into KIIS FM DJs doing live call-ins, promotions and discussions on The Simpsons Game. With food, entertainment and special guests from The Simpsons TV show, this event will usher in a new era for action-comedy adventure!"

Reminder... When purchasing your game, don't forget to ask for your Homerball!

The latest deluxe boxed set by McFarlane Toys-- the Lard Lad set-- is starting to hit now. It has been spotted at comic shops. This all-inclusive boxed set includes articulated Homer with interchangeable masked and unmasked heads, Lard Lad with arm-swinging, mood-changing play action, and getaway car. The McFarlane online store has it for sale for $19.95 plus shipping. A second series of the main figures are due out at the end of the year. Still no word on the fate of the line after that.

McFarlane Toys has posted their 2008 release schedule... and there isn't a single Simpsons product on the list. We can't say for sure that the 2007 releases will be the last of the Simpsons line, but that's a strong possibility. McFarlane lines often end this way, not with any official announcement, but rather a disappearance of the line from upcoming releases. If anyone-- from McFarlane or elsewhere-- has definitive information on the status of the Simpsons line, please email us with info. We will post any responses we receive.

Exclusive 'Homerball' Toy With Videogame Preorder

EA reports that, in regards to game preorders, "At participating chains, a limited number of customers will receive the rare Homerball! Based on Homer's special in game powers, Homerball is Homer's dream come true; turning into a giant, rolling ball that can eat and eat and eat without ever getting full." GameStop preorders seem to offering this bonus with the game. Check with your local gaming store to see if they'll have it as well. It is due out on Tuesday, October 30.

SCS member YabbaDabbaDoh has been posting updates on the construction of the Simpsons ride at Universal Studios. The ride is set to open in Orlando and Hollywood in Spring 2008. It looks like a simulated Kwik-E-Mart is being constructed at the Hollywood location, among other things. Just a heads up for theme park fanatics!

The Simpsons Movie - DVD Artwork Revealed!

Courtesy of, here's the first look at the DVD artwork for 'The Simpsons Movie'. I'd prefer a more epic image than just Homer and Spiderpig, but it's what's inside the package that counts. It hits stores on December 18th. It will feature two commentary tracks... One for the animators (David Silverman, Mike B. Anderson, Steven Dean Moore, Rich Moore), and one with the producers and cast (James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Richard Sakai, Al Jean, Mike Scully, David Silverman, Dan Castellaneta, Yeardley Smith). Plus lots more!

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