News Archives: updates again with detailed info on the Season 7 DVD set. The big news is about the packaging- Last time, the Homer head was the main version and the 'alternate' (regular-style) box was available only by mailaway. This time around, both versions will be available at retail. Collectors now have the option of choosing between the Marge head box or a standard package (image not yet available). The website also reveals a more detailed listing of extras and commentary participants. The set will be released on December 13. Thanks to member Marcgoldie22 for the heads up.

The Simpsons- One Step Beyond Forever Released

Today marks the release of 'The Simpsons One Step Beyond Forever : A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family...Continued Yet Again', which is the fourth set in the "Complete Guide To Our Favorite Family" book series. This is available on, as well as in book stores all over. This book following up on A Complete Guide To Our Favorite Family, The Simpsons Forever!, and The Simpsons Beyond Forever!. This edition covers Seasons 13 and 14.

News updates from McFarlane have been few and far between on their upcoming Simpsons line. While concept art of planned sets have been done and prototypes for initial releases do exist, they have as usual been very secretive with this information. The first sets were originally slated to be released this Fall, but now new info posted on their forums indicates release in... Late 2006? D'oh! As part of their 2006 news release, they wrote:

Ironic Punishment deluxe boxed set
-Currently awaiting final approvals
-More details to come

Couch Gag deluxe boxed set
-Currently awaiting final approvals
-More details to come

Figure Assortment
-Currently in development for a late 2006 release
-Nothing is set at this time, although concepts are in the works

This news is certainly not unexpected, but still disappointing. confirms through retail sources that the Season 7 DVD set will be released on December 13. This matches the release schedule from last year (one set in the summer; another around Christmas). They also have a full listing of the extras. Besides the usual episode commentaries and deleted scenes, there are: Kelsey Grammar audio bloopers, super illustrated color commentaries, animatics, and more! The box art image seen here (Marge's head) is the planned box... the final box may vary. Thanks to dogmatica for the heads up!

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