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NJ Croce's Coming Up Milhouse!

Following on the release of the THOH II bendables set, NJ Croce Co. has released the fourth of their regular sets- the Springfield Elementary set. This set contains Principal Skinner, Ms. Krabapple, Bart (in lucky cap), Milhouse, Ralph Wiggum, and a bonus figure of Lumpy, the kid-devouring class pet. It is in stock now at and will follow at other locations soon. Thanks to homers doh main for the heads up.

Christmas 2 DVD In Stores Tuesday

A second Christmas-themed DVD set is coming this Tuesday to stores. Included episodes in this new set are "Homer vs. Dignity", "Skinner's Sense of Snow", "Dude, Where's My Ranch?", and " 'Tis the Fifteenth Season". The special features are better for this set than on previous themed sets... a multi-angle animation showcase for act one of "'Tis The Fifteenth Season" and animatic footage for act one of "'Tis The Fifteenth Season". Most stores should have this for around $10-15. An earlier Christmas set was released last year.

USAopoly is planning a sequel to their Simpsons Monopoly game- a 'Monopoly: Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Collector's Edition' game! SCS member Also named Bort informs us that there's also a contest to determine what tokens will be used in the game. Go to Hot Topic's site and vote in their Polls section. Mmmm, polls. In addition, there's a special contest on the site to win Simpsons board games for those who like winning things. Don't make P. Diddy mad, go vote today!

Good News, Everybody!

A sequel to Bongo Comics' Simpsons/Futurama crossover is planned to come out in late January, according to the new Diamond Previews catalog. It states: "The long awaited sequel to the Futurama/Simpsons Infinitely Secret Crossover Crisis is here at last! With the brittle fabric between reality and fiction stretched beyond its limits, the entire citizenry of Springfield finds itself trapped in New New York a thousand years in the future. Once there, the advanced 30th century populace, which has overcome war, famine, and cured the common cold, does what any technologically and morally evolved culture would do... they turn the citizens of Springfield, including The Simpsons, into slaves". Thanks to pygmy carnotaur for the info!

Town Square Update: Now In Actual Stores!

After only being available online for several weeks, the Town Square set has started to show up in retail stores. SCS member Also named Bort reports finding one at a Suncoast in Oceanside, CA. These are also expected to be at Toys R Us stores soon. Finally, this is also now shipping from

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World of Springfield!

This is a plug we're very proud to bring you: Michael Crawford's lengthy feature article on the World of Springfield line, as it comes to an end. It is up now on Michael's Review of the Week, along with his new Town Square review. This is a great look back at the history of the line, from the perspective of one of our staffers who's had an inside view. It's not only written with an insider's knowledge, but a lot of love for our little yellow friends as well. The article features many pictures, memories, and links back to old reviews, so sit back and start reading!

Enter the Library of Wisdom

This week sees the release of a few Simpsons books on October 12th. Planet Simpson is about "how a cartoon masterpiece documented an era and defined a generation" whilst "The Simpsons Library of Wisdom" is opened with The Homer Book and The Bart Book.

After a brief absence, we return again with the 20 Questions. This time it is the turn of Muska12349 and bathroomboy. Please email us if you wish to participate.

'Tis The Season For Bowling

The ninth piece in the ongoing Simpsons Christmas Village collection is shipping now. It is the Bowl-A-Rama. The Burns Mansion was supposed to ship before this, but it may be next in line now. You can order this set online at Collectibles Today. Thanks once again to gusbanks for the photo. Also, "Snow Daze", the first in the Festive Friends accessory companion collection to this line, has been delayed until December or January. See our forums for more info on this series.

Several SCS members inform us that is currently offering free shipping on a number of Simpsons items, including the Town Square playset. This is a great chance to catch up on missing items in your collection. On a related note, we've gotten questions as to when the Town Square will hit brick-and-mortar stores and we honestly don't know. We believe TRU stores will be receiving some (they are also due to get the rereleases later this month), but we don't have any definite info. Updates will come when we do.

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