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Simpsons Group Photo Game Released

The Simpsons Group Photo game has been released and is in stores now. It has been spotted at Spencers Gifts stores and joins other recent games like Battle of the Sexes on the shelves there. This game involves each player working from a group of character cards to match up with their individual "group photo" card.

Blinky Finally Ready For His Closeup?

UPDATE: We have been informed that, due to production issues, the final product does not have the lighting mechanism. D'oh!

After many delays, it looks like the Blinky the Fish Squishy Toy from Dark Horse is finally on its way to stores. SCS member kwyjibo1 informs us that Dark Horse affiliate Things From Another World has the item in-stock and shipping now. This cool little toy lights up with 'radioactive energy' when squeezed.

UPDATE (10/23): All warehouses now have THOH 4 in stock.

Here is a slight update on the TRU allocations for THOH 4 and the Be Sharps Environment. No change in the status of THOH 4. Warehouse 5801 (serving northern California areas) is waiting on some more and warehouse 6301 (which serves the NY tri-state area) is still waiting on almost their full amount. No word on when that shipment is due. In Be Sharp news, that set is now shipping from and has hit almost the full country. The always popular chart can be seen here:... read more

Mutation Caught At Ol' Fishin' Hole

Woo-hoo! NECA has produced a Nuclear Power Plant lava lamp themed around the wacky fun of Sector 7G. This item will retail for around $50 and will be a Spencers Gift's exclusive, at least for the remainder of the year. It stands over 15" tall and features a highly detailed Blinky top and Homer, Lenny, and Carl on the bottom base. The inside of the lamp also features objects (like half eaten donuts) floating around in the lava material. It is due out very soon. Thanks to NECA and Michael Crawford for these images.

A new review of Treehouse of Horror 4 kicks off Horror Month at The review features analysis and images of the set. Thanks to "yo go re" of OAFE for the heads up on this review.

MORE NEWS: First...23

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