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Be Sharps Playset As TRU Exclusive Coming In 2003

The new issue of Toyfare has big news for WoS collectors. It states that Toys R Us will have an exclusive playset next summer to tie-in with Playmates' upcoming Be Sharps mail-away promotion and will come with a Chief Wiggum figure to complete the set. Thanks to SCS member lawdewd for the heads up.

Creepy Classics Promotion Starts Today... Or Does It?

Today is the official start of BK's Creepy Classics promotion and you can keep up with all the latest sightings and news in our new Creepy Classics forum. However, we've learned that, due to the port lockout, some stores might not receive these until next week. In the meantime, there are many eBay auctions for complete sets.

MWC Reviews Galore!

The West Coast dock problems aren't slowing down Michael Crawford who has two new Simpsons reviews tonight! The first is for the hot new BK Creepy Classics. The second is for the new Capsule World mini-figures (they are located in the cartoon review section for the date 10/7/2002 if it's not on the front page). Be sure to check out his latest giveaway in honor for Halloween as well.

Simpsons Bobbleheads Moving Into KB

UPDATE (10/7): These are $14.99 each. A picture of Homer can be seen here.

In a complete surprise, the first series of the KayBee Toys exclusive Bobbleheads have been spotted in Southern California, months earlier than expected. This set consists of Homer and Krusty. We will update with pricing info when we get it. Thanks to khomer562 for the heads up.

Creepy Classics Poster Creepy Classics Homer Creepy Classics Tie-In Poster

This upcoming Monday is the official start of Burger King's Creepy Classics promotion, featuring 10 new Halloween-themed toys. Some people have already gotten their hands on these, including SCS member mooselman who shares the following info:... read more

New Force Has Moe's Tavern Preorder... Oh Yea!

UPDATE (10/4): They are NOT sold out as was previously stated.
We should note that Beans Toys also has this set for preorder.

New Force Comics has put up their preorder for the EB/Diamond co-exclusive Moe's Tavern interactive playset, due out for release in January. They're charging $34.99. Thanks to Scottbass for the heads up.

UPDATE (10/4): Playmates Toys has confirmed that this is causing the delay of their releases.

Break out the Strike Preparedness Kits, Simpsons collectors. West Coast port workers are in the midst of a labor dispute that is severely affecting the entry of shipments into and across the country. This is likely the reason for the delay in the release of the Series 10 figures, the KBBL Studios set, and other new items. Australia, obviously unaffected by this situation, received the Series 10 figures last week. Stay tuned to local news outlets for updates on this situation.

MORE NEWS: First...234

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