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Hi, Everybody!... Hi, MWC!

Michael Crawford never lets a new WoS release go by without reviewing it and this is no exception! Today on his site MWC looks at the new Burns Manor and Doctor's Office playsets. Are these sets exxxcellent? Read his review to find out (they are located in the cartoon review section for the date 10/25/2002 if it's not on the front page).

Series 10 Now At Target

WoS Series 10 is now showing up in retail stores after previously only being available overseas and on the web. A user at the AF Times Area Reports boards has spotted them in a Michigan area Target. His report confirms that Hank Scorpio is not included and we are still awaiting word from Playmates on what his status is. We should remind people that this series features the Be Sharp Homer offer which, unlike the Celebrity mail-away, does NOT require a receipt.

Entertainment Earth Has Series 10 In Stock!

UPDATE: We have received word from them that they've not received any Hank Scorpio figures and that their cases were even-packed with the figure assortments listed on their site. According to their sources, Scorpio has been pushed back to Series 11. We will work to get confirmation on that.

Online retailer Entertainment Earth has the much-delayed Series 10 figures and the accompanying Assortment F playsets listed as in stock, though there is no note on how their sets will be affected by the shortpacked figures. This is a good sign that they could be showing in stores soon.


The Simpsons Beyond Forever!, the third book in the "Complete Guide To Our Favorite Family" series has been released. It has a detailed guide to every episode from Seasons 11 & 12 and also features production design and art. For those new to these Guides, you can order The Ultimate Simpsons In A Big Ol' Box set, which contains all three books.

Creepy Classics Continue...

This is Week 3 for the Creepy Classics promotion and some collectors are having better luck than others. Otto and Dr. Hibbert seem to be the newest figures to show up, but most people will be finding Marge and Werewolf Flanders this week as BKs catch up after the shipping delay. Be sure to keep up with all the news in our Creepy Classics forum.

Many Simpsons collectors are already aware that the recent West Coast port lockout has severly affected the shipping of new releases, but now we have more detail on how dire the situation is straight from the horse's mouth. In the Wall Street Journal, the President of Playmates Toys has commented on how this is affecting their toy lines and the Christmas shopping season as a whole.... read more

Many collectors are getting desperate for the WoS Series 10 figures and have turned to overseas auctions like the ones we reported last month to obtain them. SCS member spinningaround won a few and has shared some loose images which we have added to our Release Guide entry.

It's that time again, the SCS presents another interview with one of our members, this time it's 20 Questions with denger4000. Make sure you check out the SCS Magazine for more of our 20 Questions Interviews. If you're an SCS member interested in participating in 20 questions, be sure to check out our Message Board for more information.

Die-Cast Figurines Now Available!

Rocket USA's two die-cast figure sets are finally out. The two four-packs contain Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie and Bart, Krusty, Willy and Grampa, respectively. As we mentioned in a previous report, only 1,600 were produced of each set! One place you can buy these now is JGP Toys.

Amazon Announces Series 10 Delay

Collectors have received word from that there is another delay in the release of the Series 10 WoS figures until November 1st. There have still been no sightings in stores yet.

MORE NEWS: First...23..Last

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