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MWC Reviews Series 10

Michael Crawford, our own Captain Toy, is on a roll with yet another new Simpsons review up on his his site tonight. WoS Series 10 (minus Scorpio) is the latest release to be tackled by MWC and it looks like they fared pretty well with the Captain (it is located in the cartoon review section for the date 11/01/2002 if it's not on the front page).

SCS junkies are in for a treat! We've just added the finishing touches on our RSS 1.0 news feed. RSS technology allows internet users to combine news from many different websites through the use of software called "personal aggregators"... read more

KBBL, Broadcasting Live In Stores

SCS members idontfeelright and shaughn13 found the Diamond/EB shared exclusive KBBL Studios interactive playset at EB Stores in Seattle, WA and Sacramento, CA, earlier than expected!. Note that the KBBL logo is now painted on on Marty's shirt (earlier prototype pictures show it as a sticker). Loose images have been added to our Release Guide.

Supervillian Seizes EB-Games

UPDATE: This is back in stock!

One of our members discovered that is selling all of the Series 10 figures individually, including Hank Scorpio. For those who are worried about finding him or any of the others at retail, this is a great opportunity. Hurry before he sells out!

MWC: Bobbleduds?

Michael Crawford has another review for us his site on during this great flood of Simpsons merchandise coming our way now. This time around, he looks at Playmates' Bobbleheads, exclusive to KB Toys. You can see if they passed the test in his review (they are located in the cartoon review section for the date 10/30/2002 if it's not on the front page).

Be-Sharps Mail-Away Offer F.A.Q.

WoS Series 10 is in stores and features a mail-away offer for an exclusive Be-Sharps Homer figure. Our staff has compiled a F.A.Q. for this offer. Please read it before asking any questions. We hope it helps address some of your concerns.

According to, their shipping date for the EB/Diamond co-exclusive KBBL Studios playset has been pushed up to November 7. That date is a week earlier than their last projected arrival date. For our Aussie visitors, this has already started showing up at comic shops in Australia.

Creepy Classics Countdown To Halloween...

Halloween is almost upon us and there are four more BK Creepy Classics left to go. Though it will vary location to location what you get, the newest figures out are Bart and Professor Frink. The final two, Lisa and Willie, should show up by next week. As always, you can keep up with all the news in our Creepy Classics forum.

Simpsons Bendables Hitting Stores Soon

The first series of the Simpsons Family bendable set should be in stores in a few weeks and we have info on this first set and exclusive info on upcoming releases. The SCS Tzar of Simpsacrap, GuinnessGulper, has spoken with the man designing this line and has shared the following with us... read more

Hank Scorpio Update

UPDATE: One eBay user had this figure in-hand, so it is showing up in some areas.

We have just received confirmation from Playmates that Hank Scorpio will be shipping with Series 10, despite reports to the contrary. We should assume then that the shortpack situation still will happen in some form. It just appears that the first cases sent out were even-packed without Scorpio.

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