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We noticed this great deal at Grant's Toys, a vintage 1990 15" cardboard Simpsons Family Cut-out for only $1.00. He has many available. Also browse Grant's Toys for other items including his Duff Stuff page with the rare Australian Duff Beer can as well as the new replica Rix version.

Since news has been slow lately, here is a retouched image of the Officer Marge prototype with some improvements hopefully Playmates will make. I colored in her tie, gave her a more accurate yellow skin tone, and added one more special surprise. Now to work on that Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt variant....

Entertainment Earth has come through with the first pics of all six Series 7 figures and both Asst. C playsets. If you can't wait to spend your money, they have many upcoming figures and sets available for preorder.

UPDATE (10/6): Member shaughn13 reports seeing the Family Christmas set priced at $39.99 in TRU's computer. The price of TOH2 has so far not gone up.

TRU Employee writes to tell us Series 6 figures are in many if not most Toys "R" Us warehouses now and as we have been seeing they are hitting TRU shelves in various parts of the country already. Meanwhile, all of our TRU inside sources have been reporting that the price of Treehouse of Horror 2 will go up to $39.99 this week. No word on if the Family Christmas set will be priced accordingly.

Once again MWC helps us navigate through this flood of Simpsons toy releases with a review of the new Series 6 figures at Michael's Review of the Week. Michael is so resourceful at finding new toys fast, his review is also a preview, with perhaps the first pictures ever of the figures loose, fully decked out with their accessories.

Updating our earlier story, Andy F. informed us that the German store PBToys has all seven of the foreign, non-Intellitronic Series 1 figures in-stock again.

Check out our new article in the SCS Magazine, "Am I New? A Step-by-Step Guide to Simpsons Collector Sector" which we hope will help new members learn the ropes!

Some of our California members have reported that the 16" Talking Evil Krusty Doll has shipped to their local comic book stores, including Lee's Comics. Remember, this is a shared exclusive between Spencer Gifts and Diamond Comics/Previews.

Brianch1 reports that the last of the 10 Toys "R" Us warehouses, 8301 in Frederick, MD, has now received Treehouse of Horror 2. All of them now have it on hand, which means they are either in the stores or in the warehouse. Remember, it could be only a couple of days before toys make it out of the warehouse and into stores.... read more

UPDATE: Raving Toy Maniac also reports the figures being found at TRU in Greece, NY.

The first sighting of Series 6 figures in a retail chain store has just been reported at Action Figure Times. Last week we reported that the Toys "R" Us Georgia warehouse had the new figures and playsets pending. Today, JD finally found them at the Alpharetta, GA TRU. All were there except for Frink and the Arcade which had sold out.

MORE NEWS: First...2..Last

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