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Thanks to some of the online toy stores that allow customers to sort products according to sales rank, we can see which Series 6 figures are selling better than others. has had Series 6 up for sale for a little while now, and here are how the figures rank in sales... read more

New Simpsons Brach's Fruit Snacks have been found at Target. $2.99 gets you a box of 8 pouches, both displaying Simpsons artwork and quotes. Each pouch contains 8 gummy candies shaped like the heads of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and Krusty in Strawberry, Fruit Punch, Sour Apple, Berry, Cherry, or Orange flavors. The box advertises an offer for a t-shirt of Bart on a skateboard doing a handstand on the logo "Gravity is My Co-pilot" for $9.95 and two proofs-of-purchase.

Sababa Toys announced last week they will be releasing a special Simpsons Edition of the classic Uno Card Game this holiday season under license from Mattel and Fox. This follows in the tradition of other classic games that have been Simpsonized including Clue and Monopoly. Here is a copy of the official press release from PR Newswire... read more

Our survey to get information about what you think of World of Springfield exclusives is back online. Everyone take the survey, but don't forget to cross your fingers while you're filling it out.

Terry from Toy Fever is sponsoring another giveaway through our site - Treehouse of Horror II! Right on, Terry!

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10/17/2001 Rare Mattel - discuss

Simpsons Collector Sector, thanks to the reporting of members Dr Colossus 2F20 and dor59, is proud to break this story on one of the few action figures out there whose existence was able to shock even the most expert Simpsons and toy collectors. Read our new entry on a rare, little-known mail-away offer for a 1991 Mattel "Save Blinky" Bart action figure.

UPDATE: Dor59 sent us a much clearer image of the mail-away coupon.

This communication from sources inside Toys "R" Us headquarters reports new items, prices, and SKNs in their computer system that were created on October 10th, 2001:

Series 7 figures, $5.99, SKN 464727
Celebrity Series 1 figures, $7.99, SKN 464735
"EX SIMPSONS CELEBRITY 2 PK," $29.99, SKN 464711

The final mysterious item seems to indicate a new exclusive related to the Celebrity 2-packs. Remember that the first release in that series, Colonel Homer & Lurleen Lumpkin, is rumored to be cancelled. It is not uncommon in toy marketing for cancelled items to become exclusives.

Although we wish we had hard facts to report, in the absence of those we will report to you the most credible rumors we hear in regards to Target's future plans for the Playmates Simpsons line. This note passed on by member silentsamaritan indicates Target may be skipping Wave 6 only, "I wrote a note to Playmates about Target Simpsons clearance prices and the rep replied that Target did not order Series 6 figures but did order Series 7 figures." We can only assume if true that this is because they want to clearance out old stock before ordering anything new, they didn't feel Wave 6 would be a strong seller, and/or other issues with holiday shipments or inventory.

Look up more information by keyword: Series 6, Series 7, Target

Entertainment Earth has posted this concerning Celebrity 2-Pack #1 w/ Colonel Homer and Lurleen Lumpkin, due in March, 2001, "THIS ITEM MAY HAVE BEEN CANCELLED BY THE MANUFACTURER. WE ARE AWAITING FURTHER INFORMATION." If true, another scenario could be that Playmates will bring it back for Fall packed in an assortment with 2-Pack #2. Or, perhaps they opted to observe initial sales of the Celebrity Series before going ahead with this item.

UPDATE (3:30 PM CST):Getting lots of NFS errors on the boards - I hope it will be fixed soon... and down it goes again...
UPDATE (3:15 PM CST): The boards are back up!
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