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UPDATE: The website now says "We've been contacted by Fox and told that the 6th season is not scheduled for release in June, and that the information posted to the website was incorrect. We decided to pull this news item so there isn't confusion with consumers. If you've linked to this story from another site please pass the message on to them." D'OH!

Now that's Moe like it! reports that the Season 6 DVD set will be released on June 14. This season has many classic episodes to add to your DVD collection like "Homer The Great", "Two Dozen And One Greyhounds", and the cliffhanger finale "Who Shot Mr. Burns- Part 1". No cover art is available yet, but we will post it whenever it is. Thanks to member JeffBagwellRules for the heads up.

The SCS Presents: The Fifth Annual Blinky Awards!

At last, the fifth and final Blinky Awards have arrived. Rather than just honoring the best of WoS in 2004, these awards honor the World of Springfield as a whole! Nominees were suggested by members and the final choices were put to an open vote on the SCS forums. We previously did award ceremonies for the 2000, 2001, and 2002, and 2003 years. We want to thank everyone who voted and also thank Playmates for five years of great toys and memories!

Simpsons/Futurama Crossover Continues

Good news, anybody! Bongo Comics will be continuing their Simpsons/Futurama crossover story. The "Simpsons/Futurama Crossover Crisis II" comic has hit comic shops all over today. It is $2.99. The first one was a big hit fans of both shows as Matt Groening's two classic cartoon universe have met in a truly imaginative way. Thanks to SCS member Atomic Dad for the image of the cover.

It started as a resource for trading card collectors, then a virtual Simpsacrap museum, and now SCS member Yale (Don't Have A Cow)'s long-running website has unveiled a great guide for collectors of Hamilton/Collectibles Today sets. It lists each collection, with every piece, lists each pieces catalog number as well as 10 digit number. Pictures will be added soon. Be sure to check his extensive Notes page. Bookmark this, as it will likely continue to grow!

Town Square Available Again At EBGames

UPDATE: Wow, that was quick. It's now sold out again.

A number of people have been inquiring lately about the availability options for the Town Square playset, since it was the last set in the line and not widely available. SCS member jellostick reports that has it back in stock for the original $19.99 price.

After the recent tragic death of their CEO, Applause has been sold to Russ Berrie and Company. This deal went down in October. After learning this, we inquired about the status of the line of Simpsons plush dolls (which was launched in early 2003) in light of this news. The email we received back from them confirmed that they are no longer making the Simpsons dolls. This likely means that announced plushes, like BBQ Homer and Hans Moleman, were cancelled and not made. This was a great line and it is sad to see it end, but we wish Russ the best of luck in their endeavors.

We're Number 5! We're Number 5!

The current issue of ToyFare magazine (#91, available now) has an article on what they consider to be the best toy lines of all-time. The WoS line came in at #5. Their writeup states: "If there was ever a property that needed a huge, expansive line filled with beloved minor characters, this is it, and Playmates delivered in spades (and talking action figures)." The King Kong Homer figure also won for 'Best Monkey Ever'. The other four lines celebrated were Transformers, Marvel Legends, Star Wars, and GI Joe.

Representatives from Funko, Inc., the famous makers of licensed bobbleheads, have announced that they will be doing The Simpsons. They state that about 10 to 15 Simpsons bobbleheads will be made. No images or character lists are available right now, but we will post that info in the future when it is available. There have been Simpsons bobbleheads before (Playmates made a Homer and Krusty in 2002), but with Funko making these new ones, they are sure to be the definitive bobbleheads. Thanks to member itchykorean for the heads up.

In regards to the new McFarlane announcement, our staffers have put together some polls to help the people at McFarlane get an idea of what Simpsons collectors want (in terms of scale, features, and price). They are available on our website here and also on the forums. For the web poll, please make sure it is selected to the "McFarlane" poll and click 'New Entry'. We would look forward to your input. Spread the word!

UPDATE (1/26): Member Eddiesrocks found a new preorder at Entertainment Earth with a great price of $25.99. McFarlane has added a page for these intial two separate multi-figure boxed set releases with a given release date of August. The line will fully begin next year.

Color us shocked! McFarlane Toys has announced today that they are the new owners for the Simpsons action figure license. The line will begin this Fall and grow further in 2006. Their site states that there will be "two separate multi-figure boxed sets. Each box will contain a different set of action figures re-creating favorite moments". We have added a new forum for this line and we hope to work with McFarlane as we have with Playmates in the past! Stay tuned to SCS and our forums in the coming weeks for more info. Below is the official press release:

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