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After a brief period away, two new 20 Questions interviews have been added, this time with Zen411 and homersapien619. Be sure to see our message board for details on how to take part in 20 Questions.

Inanimate Carbon Rod Highlights New MWC Review

Series 15 fever is infecting Simpsons collectors all over and MWC has caught the bug. Tonight at Michael's Review of the Week, Mr. Crawford waxes philosphical about WoS in general and gives an in-depth review of the new figures with many pictures. If the review isn't on the front page, check out the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 01/30/04.

Toys R Us is marking down prices on many items in their stores, including a lot of older WoS items. SCS member Y U Little reports the following markdowns at a TRU in Norwalk, CT: Retirement Home, Springfield DMV, School Cafeteria, and Police Station sets for $2.90 each; Blockos 9-pack for $3.90; Mobile Home and Bowling Alley exclusive sets for $4.90 each; and the deluxe Main Street for $10.90 each. You can't beat those prices with a price-beating stick. Please note that these are local prices and will vary store to store, so ask the local manager about their markdowns.

UPDATE: They appear to have sold out at this time.

Those looking to order Series 15 or catch up with some recent figures, take note. is offering free shipping right now. They have the Series 15 figures for sale individually too, for those just looking for just a few of those. Thanks to SCS member mh002a6228 for the heads up.

Who Likes Mail-Aways? We Do! We Do!

There had been some confusion regarding the Series 15 mail-away, but we now have the answer. Stonecutter Lenny is the mail-away for this series, so it seems logical that Carl will follow as the Series 16 mail-away. Stonecutter Wiggum may have been bumped to Series 17, but we do not know for sure. See our Stonecutters FAQ for more info.

Series 15 Arrives!

UPDATE (2/3): There have been sightings at EB stores all over the country. Also, the Power Plant Cafeteria is out and has been spotted at MediaPlay/Suncoast stores.

The first WoS wave of 2004 is finally upon us. Entertainment Earth reports they've received the Series 15 figures and they are shipping now. The Power Plant Cafeteria set is not in stock yet, but it can't be far away. Retail sightings will hopefully follow soon. We will keep you updated on that. Thanks to member Jon of Means for the heads up.

SCS member YabbaDabba Doh sends us news that Fox and Brunswick have reached an agreement to make Simpsons Liscensed Brunswick bowling equipment (balls and bags, etc.). The marketing director at Brunswick informed him that the promotional information will be available at bowling centers next week. Pin Pals shirt not included.

Fans of the popular Mighty Beanz toys have good news coming. An announcement on Ty's Toy Box states that "'The Simpsons' Mighty Beanz, featuring Bart, Homer, Marge and crew will be released in 2004!  More news to come...". Woohoo! Thanks to staffer paul actionfig for the info.

Test Shots, Eh? I'll Have To Remember That Name...

SCS member mh002a6228 recently received a number of World of Springfield test shots from Hong Kong, including the never released Mr. Burns and Smithers rerelease figures. A test shot is an early type of prototype created for testing purposes. He has sent us images of them, which have compiled in the SCS Magazine. Thanks to Martyn for this unique look at these prototypes.

Jonesing for new WoS? Well, fear not, your fix is only a couple weeks away. Series 15 and the accompanying Power Plant Cafeteria playset are on the water right now and should be in stores around late January or early February. New Force Comics reports this: "After a 1 month production delay, our simpsons order is finally on the way from HK...ETA in about 30 days". Also, SCS member TRU Employee reports that the figures will start hitting TRU warehouses February 8th.

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