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The newest issue of Toyfare magazine has a potential update on the Be-Sharps playset, which we mentioned in a previous news item. The article briefly mentions the "tentative plans for a Be-Sharps Bicentenial playset". This seems to indicate the set will be based on when the Be-Sharps performed in front of the Statue of Liberty, which contradicts earlier reports from Playmates that the set would be a Moe's rooftop environment. It is likely we'll have to wait until next month's Toy Fair to get clarification on this set.

Series 11 Now At Target

The Series 11 figures and the Courtroom playset are starting to show up now at Target, after only being available at GameStop and EB stores. Target has raised the price of figures to $5.99 while playsets remain $19.99. Thanks to Mark Trodoux, who spotted them at an Oregon area Target, for the heads up.

Playmates Toys is currently working on plans for the 2004 lineup of the World of Springfield line. We will be doing a poll on this site very soon to help them in developing that list. In the meantime, we are taking nominations for the top ten original characters and variants you would like to see in 2004. We will base the poll off the results. Please note which characters are due out in 2003 before voting.

Eye On eBay: BK Watch Display

Are you interested in owning promotional display items? Well, here's a chance to start. eBay seller is auctioning off one of the cardboard display cases that were used in Burger King locations to advertise their talking watch promotion this past Fall.

Rock The Vote... Blinky Style!

Voting is taking place for the 3rd Annual Blinky Awards, in which we honor the best of the World of Springfield line in 2002. You must be a registered member of our forums to vote. A ceremony to announce the winners will take place after the voting is finished. We have previously done ceremonies for the 2000 and 2001 Blinky awards.

MWC Reviews Series 11

Michael Crawford MWC has another new Simpsons review up. Tonight, Mr. Crawford takes a detailed look at the WoS Series 11 figures and he's got very good things to say. If the review is not on the front page make sure to check the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 1/6/03.

Tonight at 8PM/7C, the Simpsons are back with a new episode. When Bart nominates Mrs. Krabappel for a Teacher of the Year award, he and his family get to attend the ceremony with her (with Little Richard handing out the award) "The Simpsons are going to Orlando!"

With the WoS Series 11 now in stores, collectors have the opportunity to mail in for the exclusive Be-Sharp Apu figure. Simply mail in four Series 11 UPCs with the enclosed questionaire along with $5 check or money order for shipping and you will get your Apu. We'd like to remind our users that our staff has compiled a FAQ for this promotion. We hope it helps address some of your concerns.

The holiday season is over, so that must mean it's time to start worrying about Valentine's Day already. Joe Myeress sent us the above pictures of this year's Simpsons Valentines cards to give to that special Simpsons fan in your life. He found them at a K-Mart for $1.39 a pack. The pack consists of 32 fold and seal cards with seal.

Rocket USA has unveiled a new mock-up and preview image for their Seven Duffs Die-Cast set, due out in March. The lineup is Duffman and the Duffs: Queasy, Dizzy, Remorseful, Edgy, Surly, Sleazy and Tipsy. These will be packaged in two separate four-packs like their previous die-cast set. The exact breakup of each four-pack is not yet known. Thanks to Grant of JGP Toys for the info.

MORE NEWS: First...2345..Last

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