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Be Sharp Apu to Tour UK - Boxed Images Added

New images of Be Sharp Apu in package have been added to the Release Guide, courtesy of Kenny from Sci-Fi Warehouse / Forbidden Planet. He expects that the figures will arrive in the UK in three to four weeks.

UPDATE (1/21): Voting is now closed and the results have been sent to Playmates.

Choose your favorite 20 proposed figures from our list of 50 possibilities. The results will be sent to Playmates Toys and will help determine the 2004 World of Springfield lineup. Take the poll, entitled "Top Picks for 2004 Lineup" today.

Moe's Tavern Is Open For Business!

UPDATE (1/19): Diamond Comics will be shipping their allotment this week.
Also: Staffer paulactionfig has posted many loose pics of the set!

The much-anticipated EB/Diamond exclusive Moe's Tavern playset has been showing up at Electronics Boutique stores and shipping from their site. Oh yea! There have been reported sightings all across the country. Stay tuned in our Sightings and Shipments forum for sightings updates.

Mail-Aways Shipping Again Soon

Collectors still waiting for their Celebrity mail-aways don't have to worry but they do need to wait a little longer. Playmates customer service is telling customers that they are temporarily out of the figures but will be mailing out shipments again starting late January to early February. This is the same case for the Be-Sharp Homer figure. Please note that while you can no longer order the Cooder and Llewellyn set, you have until 12/31/03 to order the Be-Sharp figures (see our FAQ for details).

WoS Clearance Sales At TRU

Staffer blueduck37 saw the WoS All-Star Voices series 2 figures on clearance today at the Times Square TRU for $1.90 each. Toys R Us online also has great discounts on older WoS figures and playsets. Figures are on sale for around $5.29, playsets for around $9.98. Do a search for 'Simpsons'.

Moe's Grand Opening On Wednesday?

Several members have informed us that they checked with their local Electronics Boutique stores and were told that the exclusive Moe's Tavern playset should be in stores as early as Wednesday. We will keep you updated if and when any sightings should occur.

Tonight at 8PM/7C, after Homer gets Lisa an inappropriate birthday present (didn't he and Marge get her some writing paper for her birthday in "Stark Raving Dad"?), he hires a private investigator to find out more about her.

Enter the coupon code SZYSLAK when ordering both the Moe's Tavern and KBBL radio station interactive environments from and receive a $10 discount. Thanks to boardmember ItsthepartIwasborntoplaybaby for the news.

Simpsons Bendy 'Nuclear' Family Growing

UPDATE: This is now available for preorder at JGP Toys.

NJ Croce Co. will soon be releasing the second series of their Simpsons bendable figure line, this one themed around the Nuclear Power Plant. The box set features Homer, Mr. Burns, Smithers, Lenny, Carl, and a bonus Blinky. The first set, out now, was themed to the Simpsons family.

Finally, A Car For The Common Man!

Coming this summer from Playing Mantis is one of the coolest Simpsons collectibles we've seen in a while: A snap-kit replica of "The Homer", the car which Homer Simpson designed to help save his long-lost brother, Herb Powell's, car company. JGP Toys currently has it for preorder for $13. Woo hoo!

MORE NEWS: First...2345..Last

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