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WoS Series 11 Update

SCS deputy Gooker1 informs us that the Series 11 figures have begun hitting Toys R Us stores. He spotted the figures at a TRU in Southern California. Also, New Force Comics customers should note that they expect to start shipping out their cases out at the end of this week.

As we reported last June, a number of new items celebrating the show's 300th episode (which airs on February 16) will be coming out over the next month or two. One such item is the 300th Episode four coaster set, the third coaster set released by Rix Tins. The coasters feature a 'now and then' design. We'll keep you updated as more 300th Episode merchandise is released.

Christmas In January

UPDATE: We have added a copy of the order form to our Release Guide.

SCS member Mmmmm Snouts brings us info on the first ever illuminated collectible village inspired by The Simpsons from Hawthorne Village, a division of It is available by mail-away in four separate parts. The set includes: 742 Evergreen Terrace, Krusty Burger, The Kwik-E-Mart, and Moe's, all of which light up. It is a subscription product and you will receive a new piece about every other month. Pricing is 3 installments of $19.98 plus $6.99 shipping per piece. We will add more info soon.

Michael Crawford Gets Duffed

Michael Crawford MWC has successfully completed his hunt for the Moe's Tavern environment and it gets a detailed going-over in his newest review for tonight. Is it worth the money? MWC gives his thoughts on that and more in the review (if it is not on the front page make sure to check the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 1/20/03).

Simpsons At Spencers

SCS member 100tacos for 100dollars gives us a report of new Simpsons items at Spencers Gifts, including new talking Simpsons plush dolls by Applause, well known for their plush toys. He also spotted the Homer head lites and the new twin champagne glasses, all of which are available on their website.

Hook, Line, and Drinker!

Rocket USA, one of the best makers of Simpsons toys, has updated their website with some Toy Fair previews. One previewed product is the wind-up Fishing Homer tin toy, similar to the excellent Wind-Up Homer they released last year. This is likely just a taste of the goodies they'll be previewing at next month's Toy Fair in New York. Thanks to Animatz for the heads up.

Michael Crawford Gets Taken To Court

Michael Crawford is caught up in the January flood of new WoS items and in his latest Simpsons review he takes a detailed look at the new Courtroom playset with Judge Snyder. If the review is not on the front page make sure to check the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 1/17/03.

I went to Rock and Roll Camp, and all I got were these T-shirts

Based on this season's episode, "How I Spent My Strummer Vacation", JSR Direct has released three new T-shirts. These shirts feature everyone's favorite Guitar Hero, Homer Simpson, and actual rock legends, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.

UK Series 5 And 6 Released

Vivid Imaginations, which releases the WoS figures in the United Kingdom, has released Series 5 and Series 6 of the UK line. While these are supposed to be non-interactive, they do appear to have the interactive chips which allow them to work with the playsets. Thanks to Ian of for the info and pictures.

More Pictures - Series 13 And 14 Sketches!

Take a look in our SCS Magazine for new concept sketches of the WoS Series 13 figures, Military Antiques Store set, Series 14 figures, and the Aztec Theatre playset, again they're courtesy of Kenny from Sci-Fi Warehouse / Forbidden Planet. Release details are available in our Release Guide.

MORE NEWS: First...2345..Last

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