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Hollywood Reporter Spotlights 300th Episode

The Hollywood Reporter, a premier trade publication in the entertainment industry, is celebrating the 300th episode of The Simpsons with a special issue devoted to behind-the-scenes looks at the series. This issue is sure to be a collectible and a treat for fans. It is due out February 11th and is available to order on their website.

Drumstick Homer Now More Limited

Universal Fun has informed us that their exclusive Drumstick Homer, a variation of the Wind-Up Homer Simpson toy, has become even more limited. The 6,000 piece numbered edition has been closed at 2,500. Not only does Homer come with his very own drumstick but he's escorted by his 7" Duff-girl metal art pinup! It is currently available on their website.

Third Annual Blinky Awards

Please join us for the Third Annual Blinky Awards, now available in the latest issue of our Magazine. Honoring the best in Simpsons collecting in 2002, you'll be sure to enjoy this humorous look at the World of Springfield.

Homer Plush Doll Reviewed

SCS member Yabba Dabba Doh has written up a short review of the new talking 19" Homer plush doll in our General Merchandise forum. This doll is made by Applause Toys LLC, a popular maker of plush toys. Collectors have reported finding it at Spencers Gifts for $24.99. A Bart doll was to be released with it, but it has not been sighted yet.

The WoS line may have only come in third place in the 'Best Overall Line' category in the People's Choice Awards at Michael's Review of the Week this year, but it did very well in several other categories. Hank Scorpio came in second in the 'Best Male Figure' category. Amongst some stiff competition, Main Street was voted first place in the 'Best Playset' category and Playmates' new mail-away program was voted first in the 'Best New Idea' category. Unfortunately, WoS also showed up in the "Worst" categories for 'Packaging' and 'Articulation'. Playmates' less successful non-WoS items like the Blockos and the School Bus showed up in the "Worst" categories as well. We expect 2003 is another great year for the WoS line.

The Simpsons Are Going To UK Toy Fair! has posted these images of the Series 11 mail-away, Be-Sharp Apu. It shows Apu outside of his package, and four different angles of the figure. Other WoS items shown at the UK Toy Fair were Series 11 and the Courtroom playset. Be sure to look out for our extensive coverage on the US Toy Fair next month.

Faces of Springfield Series 2 Spotted

SCS member turnbolt11 reports finding the second series of the 9 inch "Faces of Springfield" line in a Los Angeles TRU. The first series of this line were exclusives to Target, but sales were apparently solid enough to warrant a wider release. These should be available in all areas soon.

300th Episode Set Delayed

The 300th Episode figure set has been delayed, according to our Playmates liaison Michael Crawford MWC. The playset, originally scheduled for release in March, won't be available until July/August. FOX did not get the needed reference material to Playmates until just very recently, so unfortunately the set will not be released as close to the episode as they had hoped.

Many retailers have complained to Playmates Toys in response to the alarming number of people who have been ripping off the UPC's from the figures right in the stores to qualify for their Be Sharps figures without actually buying the figures in question. In response, this is Playmates' official position starting with Series 12 and the Be Sharp Skinner offer:... read more

Inflatable Simpsons figures are coming this year, according to an announcement on Raving Toy Maniac. Mark Tarses of Sunway Co. got this additional info from the manufacturer: "Each inflatable figure will be about 24" tall. There will be 8 figures, the 5 Simpsons, Comic Book Guy, Krusty, and Ralph. Each one is indivually boxed. They will sell for $5.00 each." These should be in stores around July. No pictures are available yet, as they are in still in the design phase. The full press release on these as seen on the RTM site reads:... read more

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