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Stern Pinball Announces A Wild Simpsons Pinball Party

Stern Pinball Inc, has put up an official press release about their new Simpsons pinball game ("Simpsons Pinball Party"), which we first reported on recently. Highy detailed (even featuring WoS figures), it will be priced around $5,000. The Collecting Simpsons! site also has a great interview up with Stern Pinball spokesman Marc Schoenberg about the game.

Cowabunga, man!

Kenny from Forbidden Planet has sent us info about the Simpsons Skateboard Chase toy due out around June. It is a fantastic Scalectrix game adapted to feature the Simpsons. Homer and Bart chase each other round on the remote controlled skateboards. Comes complete with track, skateboard characters and all you need to play straight from the box. has changed its release date for the Season 3 DVD boxset from February 22nd to October 25th. Since different regions sometimes have different release dates for DVDs, this may or may not indicate an updated worldwide release date. In a previous news entry, we reported that according to Peter Staddon of Fox Home Entertainment the box set will be released in the U.S. in May 2003.

Working with Homer? Risky Business

A new Simpsons video (available in DVD and VHS formats), Risky Business will be released in Australia (Region 4) and UK/Europe (Region 2) in March and April of 2003. Check out our Release Guide entry for more details. Like with the last three UK themed video/DVD releases, this one will include a character montage (Chief Wiggum) and may be released in a box set with a non-interactive WoS figure.

UPDATED (1/31):The book is now set to be released in August 2003. Wayne State University Press have set up an official webpage for the book.

A new Simpsons book entitled "Leaving Springfield: The Simpsons and the Possibility of Oppositional Culture", published by Wayne State University Press and edited by John Alberti, is to be released in June this year. It aims to show the impact of the show's satire has had on its diverse viewing public and the position of the show in sitcom and television history.

As we first reported last August, Sideshow Toys is doing a line of Simpsons busts. No images have surfaced yet, but the great folks at have reported that retailer Entertainment Earth has preorders up with a listed price of $35.99 each. They have these three series listed:... read more

Herman's Military Antique Store Prototype Online

We thought we'd have to wait until next month's Toy Fair to see a prototype of the Herman's Military Antique Store playset, but SCS member Rickyginvegas has found an image of it on Game Stop's website. As has been the trend lately with the WoS sets, this set is highly detailed.

In our never-ending quest to bring you the best in Simpsons collecting, we've expanded our checklist feature to include Non-World of Springfield items. And if you have an item in your collection that isn't in our release guide, we've created a suggestion form so that you can let us know what to add.

This is something that Matt Groening himself asked about when we met him at SDCC 2002!

UPDATE (1/30): After numerous reports of buggy behavior, the default setting is now the "classic" style of menu. Please send us a screenshot of your screen if you are experiencing a problem with the classic menus or want to report how your browser is displaying the new "active" menu style.... read more

The Fate Of The Be-Sharps Playset

The Be-Sharps mail-away promotion has been one of the best parts of the World of Springfield line to date and is set to culminate with a Be-Sharps playset, supposedly exclusive to TRU. However, the fate of this playset rests on you, the faithful followers of WoS. Our SCS-Playmates liaison, Michael Crawford, shares this info with us:... read more

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