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NYDennis1 received word of a 15% off coupon for Enter the word SNOWY at checkout to receive the discount. They carry all three Simpsons lunchboxes.

Member manpen, the buyer for Forbidden Planet in the UK, has new information on the cancelled Main Street from Hong Kong sources. He said it was very likely the set will come out in a new form this summer. He has seen a new catalog picture of it without the Jazz Hole on the side and a new figure of the Crazy Old Man. We will update you if we get a scan or more information.

Rocket USA is producing this variation on the classic jack-in-the-box toy with a ... read more

UPDATE (1/15/2002): Kenny has sent us this color-corrected version of the previously washed-out image.

UPDATE (1/14/2002): Thanks to Kenny @ Sci-Fi Warehouse we have this picture of the newly redesigned Main Street playset to share with you.

We've gotten word that Main Street is in the works again and will be posting a photo of the newly redesigned version soon (within the hour).

Vivid Toys will begin shipping the non-talking UK release of World of Springfield Series 1 soon, featuring carded versions of Marge & Maggie and Apu. Steve from Popcorn UK (who will be carrying the line) sent us these catalog images.

The online store Action Figure Xpress posted a new picture in their Colonel Homer & Lurleen Lumpkin 2-pack listing. The new details include stickers on the playset, Lurleen's guitar, and Homer's cowboy hat. Note that they sell other exclusive and foreign items so this does not mean the item is no longer a Toys "R" Us exclusive.

1/13/2002 Toys - discuss

Multiple sources from inside Toys "R" Us have sent us new information from the store's internal "Boys World" memo about their exclusive Blocko 9-pack which we reported on earlier. The update says it will be in their stores by March and the price has been lowered to $27.99. It also suggests these are the same 9 figures that Diamond Comics is distributing exclusively. Keep in mind nothing stops Toys "R" Us from ordering products from Diamond, but it's unclear if these will be a bundle of Diamond's 3-packs or come in a different, exclusive 9-pack box.

Moderator spanikopita reported that she received her "Gravity is My Co-pilot" t-shirt from the Brach's fruit snack box offer which we reported on earlier. The print on the front is silk-screened, not just a decal.

Member daniel sammons discovered that if you try to fill your shopping cart with a high quantity of each item at Toy Maniacs, the adjusted quantity shows you how many of each item they have left in-stock. Therefore this lets us estimate just how well each item is selling.

Member Dancin Pete reports finding the new playsets at Wal-Mart, and like so many other recent shipments to stores the Krusty Burgers do come with the food carton stickers.

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