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Using this search box, you can look up news, releases and magazine articles related to the keyword(s) you enter. A more complex search form is available, along with a listing of the keywords.

Our main page, which showcases the latest news items.

Our message board, where members can participate in a friendly atmosphere with their fellow collectors.

Log in to the website.

Create a new account on the website -- this is necessary if you want to use any of the features like the WoS checklist, uploading images, etc.

Guide to past, current, upcoming and cancelled merchandise releases - information and pictures for most items.

An extension of our release guide which allows you to track your Simpsons collection.

Exhaustive listing of figures, playsets, accessories and phrases from the Playmates World of Springfield line of toys.

World of Springfield checklist. If you are logged in, you can save your checklist on our server for later reference.

World of Springfield price guid, updated monthly by member Pin Pal Jude.

Interviews, reviews and other articles contributed by our members and staff. Featuring "monthly" question and answer session with Jeff Trojan of Playmates Toys.

Archived news items from our main page, indexed by month.

Answers to frequently asked questions about the site, message board and merchandise-related subjects.

Online store from which you can purchase shirts and other items with our logo(s) on them.

Links to information, retailers and other sites of interest to the Simpsons collector.

Take on of our polls (when available).

View the results of our past polls.

Vote on our "monthly" questions to Playmates, or other important issues.

Results of voting booth polls.

Build your World of Springfield Geek Code, which describes the configuration and size of your WoS collection.

View the current scores for a few of the games we play on our Message Board.

View images uploaded by our members, including custom figures, photos of members, Simpsonized caricatures and more!

Listings of collectors and collector groups (who meet or share information with other local collectors) organized geographically.

The latest interesting topics on our message board.

The latest interesting polls on our message board.

This is where you'll see whose birthday is today.

This is where you'll see who is celebrating a birthday this month.

View and modify your own World of Springfield checklist, stored on our server.

View and modify your uploaded images.

Build a signature using images, HTML, etc. for use on our message board.

Upload an image, such as a personal photo, member photo, photos of your collection, etc. to our server.

Log out of the website.

Once you're logged in, update your profile to set your birthdate, location, password, email address and more.

Read a little about our history and our staff.

Contact our staff or get help with the website.

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