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EB Games / EB World

EB Games / EB World online carry the World of Springfield figures, including EB exclusives. They also have retail locations throughout the US and some parts of Canada.

K B Kids

K B Toys has been an excellent source for Playmates Simpsons toys since Series 1 in both their online and brick-and-mortar stores.

New Force Comics

New Force Comics first became well-known in the online collector community from their support of the Playmates Star Trek line in its final days with a series of exclusive releases. Their extremely low prices and great customer service along with their longstanding relationship with Playmates has helped them to become the number-one independent retailer of World of Springfield toys. New Force is currently in negotiations to offer an online exclusive World of Springfield figure next year.

New Force Comics contributes information to our site and has held charity auctions here.

Pre-orders are available.

Toys 'R Us /

Toys 'R Us brick-and-mortar stores have been an excellent source for Playmates Simpsons Toys since Series 1. Their online store in association with has begun carrying World of Springfield again with Series 5 after skipping the last two series. The site has also been a great source for Toys 'R Us exclusives lately.

Pre-orders may be available.


Animatz sells Wesco items, Bill LaRue's Book ("Collecting Simpsons!") and sometimes Playmates items.

Wesco products include watches, banks, clocks and radios.

Entertainment Earth

Seller of many miscellaneous Simpsons items.


Big internet toy seller. Carries some Simpsons items.

American Royal Arts

Simpsons cels.

Animation Celection

Simsons cels.

Animation Connection

Simpsons cels and production drawings.

Animation USA

Sels Simpsons production cels and drawings.

George Pantela Investment Collectables

Australian cel dealer with many rare cels (such as from the Tracy Ullman-era).

Premier Animation

UK-based gallery offering Simpsons cels.

Wonderful World of Animation

Simpsons cels (limited edition and production) and production art. This gallery has a great reputation for quality and service.

Action Figure Collecting @

This site is a great jumping off point for action figure collecting sites around the internet, as well as a terrific source of news and pictures in its own right for everything in the action figure world.

Collecting Simpsons!

Bill LaRue's excellent site covers every aspect of Simpsons collectibles. Bill's site is the father of this one, so please take a visit and bone up on your Bart.

Futurama Collectorama

Wherever Simpsons collectors tread, Futurama collectors can't be far behind. Visit this site to keep up-to-date on every facet of Futurama merchandise and collectibles.

Guide to Springfield, USA

Jerry Lerma's Guide to Springfield USA is the most ambitious and comprehensive charting of the Springfield landscape to ever take place. Great work!

Illiterature's Simpsons Customs

The best site out there for getting images to use for custom Simpsons World of Springfield accessories like Hurricane Chow, Chippos, Retrospecticus, etc. Also check out his concept drawings for playsets and his customs gallery where he shows off his custom accessories and figures.

Michael's Review of the Week

Long-time collector Michael Crawford has been reviewing the latest collectible toys online, despite the title, about two-three times a week since Spring, 2000. With pictures, ratings, and full-length commentary in several categories, his reviews are not only the best and most honest in toy collector journalism but often the first place to see the newest toys out of their packaging.

Official Simpsons Webpage

The official Simpsons website.

Paul's Custom Simpsons Page

Run by our very own Custom's Corner moderator (and Blinky Award winning customizer), this site is an incredible resource for WoS custom fans and collectors. Besides information on custom projects, there is also a store where you can buy many custom accessories to brighten up your World of Springfield!

Planet Bongo Comics

This website features listings and reviews of all Bongo Comics. Bongo Comics produces comics featuring the Simpsons, Futurama, and more. Wanna find out more? Go to this site.

Raving Toy Maniac

Raving Toy Maniac offers good general coverage of collectible action figures, especially superhero and other figures not covered in depth by other sites. They also have a very active forum frequented by many action figure collecting experts.

Simpsons Action Figure Information Station

The Simpsons Action Figure Information Station (also known as SAFIS) is one of the sites most dedicated to the World of Springfield line. There are custom galleries, comic strips, checklists, price guides and more.

Simpsons Collectibles

The goal at is to provide Simpsons collectors with a comprehensive merchandise listing of everything Simpsons. They regularly post links to the best Simpsons collectors items on the web.

Simpsons Crazy

A regularly updated news site for information on all manners of Simpsons collectibles and the series itself.

The Simpsons Archive

This is site is the best, longest-running, and most complete resource on the net for information on The Simpsons TV series, including news, articles, episode capsules, cast lists, show FAQs and much, much more.

The Simpsons Folder

A great site for all things Simpsons. Images, news, and delicious Simpson tidbits.

McFarlane Toys

Famous toy makers. Maker of new Simpsons toy line.

Playmates Toys

Playmates Toys makes The Simpsons World of Springfield Interactive action figure line, as well as some related talking Simpsons toys such as the Simpsons Family Car and Springfield Elementary School Bus. They also make the 9" Faces of Springfield line and the 3" Episode Mini-Figure sets.

Their site was last updated in the winter of 2003.

Sideshow Toy

Sideshow Toy offers collectible limited edition polystone busts of characters from the Simpsons.

Akbar (Simpsons) Font

This website looks best when you have the Akbar font by Jon Bernhardt installed on your computer.

Flim Springfield

A really cool site dedicated to showcasing stop-action animation films starring The Simpsons World Of Springfield action figures, many of which were originally created for the SCS.

SCS - Where Are You? (USA Only)

This page maps the locations of registered members. Find other Simpsons collectors near you! Visit it and register your location today.

The Futurama Foundation Message Board

Go on over to The Futurama Foundation Message Board (FFMB) where you can hang out with many members of the SCS board and talk about all things Futurama.

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