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Q: What are the rules for signatures?

There are several rules covering the use of "signatures" on the message board :

1. Please use your signature only once in each thread, regardless of it's size. This rule will be enforced for large signatures (wider than 200 pixels, taller than 150 pixels, longer than 2 lines).
2. No Flash, Java, sound, custom cursors, video or other objects. This includes the IE MARQUEE tag. IMAGES, TEXT AND LINKS ONLY, please.
3. Keep animated graphics small and not too garish, please.
4. Keep your entire signature to at or under 200 pixels tall.
5. Keep your entire signature to at or under 400 pixels wide. If your signature is entirely text, try to make it clear which text is your signature and which is your message with bolding or fonts or a line of "------" that it is not part of your post. Keep text-only signatures to 5 lines or less.
6. No religious, political or sexual (including merely suggestive material) images or text, please.

If there is a recurring problem with your signature, a moderator or administrator will contact you and discuss how to work out a solution. We want you to have fun, but please be responsible and flexible!

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