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Q: Why is there a sticker on my Series 5 cardbacks and what is the Aztec Theater?

Playmates originally planned to release an Aztec Theater playset with Series 7..

This set was cancelled (but it has revisited and is now due out in late 2003). This previous cancellation came so late, in fact, that stickers had to be manually placed over the name of the playset on Series 5 cardbacks. Here is a summary of all the corrections that were first made with stickers on Series 5 cardbacks:

Bartman - blank sticker covering "Aztec Kitchen"
Martin Prince - blank sticker covering "And coming soon: Aztec Kitchen"
Sideshow Mel - blank sticker covering "And coming soon: Aztec Theater"
Captain McCallister - blank sticker covering "And coming soon: Aztec Theater"
Bumblebee Man - sticker w/ "Krusty Burger (Coming soon)" covering "Aztec Theater (Coming soon)"
Kent Brockman - no correction necessary

The Simpsons Kitchen, also listed for the first time on these cards, will come out with Series 7. Also covered up was the name "Aztec Kitchen," which seems to be a misprint confusing the names of the two playsets.

Partway through the production run, all of the cardbacks were changed to a variant with the correct text printed on, eliminating the need for the stickers. The corrected text on the Bumblebee Man cardback is in a less bold font that doesn't quite match the usual card printing. All the other corrections simply consisted of erasing the incorrect text, therefore no printing anomalies are visible.

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