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Q: How can I contact you with news or questions?

If you have some news or information you think our visitors would like to know, email us at For questions or anything else, email

Q: How do I get my group's listing added to the Collector & Group Listings?

Group listings allow collectors in a single area to meet, exchange information and otherwise help each other out.... read more

Q: How do I let others see my images or my checklist?

The links to "My WoS Checklist" and "My Images" located in the "Your Account:" section of the menu will work for others as well.... read more

Q: How do I upload a picture to this site?

Make sure that you are currently logged into the site. It will say "Logged in as [username]" underneath "Your Account:" if you are logged in. ... read more

Q: How do I use an image on this site for my EZBoard personal photo?

First upload the image to the site and wait for it to be approved. ... read more

Q: How do you use the menu and what do all those menu items mean?

Menu help is available if you want to know what each menu items is, and we've also developed some menu icons to help people with smaller screens or older browsers move and control the SCS menu. You may be interested in learning more about them. ... read more

Q: I can't seem to find my verification email. Can you send me another?

Go to the login form and attempt to login. If you aren't verified, you will be unable to login, but a link will be displayed that you can use to have our server resend your verification code.

Q: I forgot my password for the site! How can I retrieve it?

Passwords are stored in an unrecoverable encrypted format and so we can't set up a page which emails you your password. However, you can email our staff and request that your password be reset... read more

Q: I have an account on EZ Board - do I still need a website account?

It is necessary to create a separate account for use on the website, even if you already have an account on the message board. There are added benefits to creating an account with the website, so we highly recommend it. (Please use the same username on the website that you use on EZ Board).

Q: Should I use the same name I use on the message boards here?


Q: What connections do you have to Playmates?

This site is not run by Playmates Toys nor is it directly linked with Playmates. We do have an ongoing relationship with them via our Playmates-SCS liaison, Michael Crawford. Playmates regularly supplies us with exclusive news and photos. We also run polls for them on occasion to get collector feedback on the WoS line.

Q: What does [acronym] mean?

There are several acronyms that you might encounter on the Simpsons Collector Sector website and/or message board. ... read more

Q: What does "Link This" mean on my images page?

Anywhere you see "Link This", it's our way of letting you know that you can directly link to a specific image or section of your images. ... read more

Q: Why should I register with this site?

Registering will allow you privileges like uploading pics to the site and storing a World of Springfield checklist on our site. Images can be used as a personal photo on the Simpsons Collector Sector Message Board, to show off customs, or to display your collection. ... read more

Message Board
Q: Are there any basic rules I should know about?

The message board rules are fairly simple and we hope that you find them easy to follow ... read more

Q: How can I use different emoticons?

EZBoard offers a small range of emoticons which you can put in your posts via EZBoard emoticon codes like :lol ... read more

Q: How can I verify someone's reputation before making a trade with them?

You can check the Feedback Listing thread ... read more

Q: How do I add an image below my name (Personal Photo)?

Please reference the following tutorial article: Tech Tips: Adding an Image Below your Board Name.

Q: How do I add my e-mail address to my EZBoard public profile?

Please reference the following tutorial article: Tech Tips: How To Add Your Email Address to Your Profile.

Q: How do I create a signature to include in my posts?

Please reference the following Tech Tip: Adding A Signature for the Message Board.

Q: How do I e-mail a board member?

Click on their name in any of their posts and check for an e-mail address in their public profile. If you don't find an e-mail address there, contact one of the moderators so that we can strongarm them into making their e-mail address available.

Q: How do I get the Simpsons-style fonts?

Please reference the following tutorial article: Tech Tips: Simpsons Fonts

To use the font in your signature, edit your EZBoard profile and include a line like this, replacing [MY TEXT] with your own name or tag line:
<font face="Akbar">[MY TEXT]</font>.

Q: How do I post a spoiler so that others can't see it unless they want to?

Use the special "spoiler tag" ezCode. It's a special LINK ezCode pointed to "spoiler".

Example: [link=spoiler]Here is some text which might contain a spoiler[/link]

A script on the message board will transform the special "spoiler tag" into a hidden block of text and a link which says "show spoiler".

Q: How do I post an image on the message board?

EZ Board has a system they call "EZ Codes". One of them is the [img] tag, which lets you post an image... read more

Q: How does someone become a moderator?

New moderators are chosen from the ranks of the membership by the current moderators based on their contributions to the community and the member's attitude towards others on the board. ... read more

Q: I forgot my message board password, can you help me retrieve it?

We can't retrieve your password for you, but you can use EZBoard's lost password form to retrieve it.

If you have a local account with the SCS, enter your name as username@thesimpsonscommunity71818 - replacing username with your message board username (no ... read more

Q: I have an account on the website - do I still need an EZ Board account?

It is necessary to create a separate account for use on the message board, even if you already have an account on the website. It is not possible to participate in the message board without an account, though if you don't want to post you will not need one. (Please use the same username on EZ Board that you use on the website).

Q: I have an issue with a staffmember. What should I do?

If you have an issue with the conduct (something that the staffmember said or asked you to do) of one of the SCS staffmembers, you should email one or all of the message board admins. The easiest way to do that is to send an email to

Q: What are the moderators e-mail addresses?

Current e-mail addresses for the moderators are listed at the top of the board. To find anyone else's e-mail address, check their public profile by clicking on their name in any of their posts.

Q: What are the monthly Playmates Questions?

Through board member Michael Crawford's connections with Playmates, he has arranged for Playmates to graciously answer ten questions from us each month.

Members suggest questions and then vote to determine the final ten that are submitted each month.

Q: What are the rules for signatures?

There are several rules covering the use of "signatures" on the message board ... read more

Q: What do the titles below some member's names mean?

Some titles are automatic - based on post count - and others - custom titles - are given by the message board staff ... read more

Q: What is a "Forum Host"? Who are the staffmembers on the SCS message board?

A "Forum Host" is a staffmember who is responsible for the day to day operation of one or more forums on our message board. If you have a concern about something that was posted in that forum, you should contact one of the forum hosts responsible for that forum, or one of the board admins.

You can find a list of the moderators and staffmembers on the ... read more

Q: Where can I find scores for Simpsons Collector Sector games?

All of the current scores are listed on the Game Scores page.

Q: Why does the board's logo banner change?

We used to change the banner on the message board every so often as a game called "Spot the Banner Change" ... read more

Q: Your rules stink. Do I really have to follow them?

We really like to think that our rules are just an extension of common sense. If we could avoid having any rules and still offer a safe and friendly community for our members, we would do it.

That said, if you don't agree with our rules, you are still expected to follow them. You are free to raise questions or make suggestions in our ... read more

Q: Do the figures speak other languages in foreign countries?

There have been some Spanish-speaking sets, but that is it.

Q: Explain the WoS rereleases. Why are they doing this?

With the WoS figure choices getting more obscure, Playmates is rereleasing some of the core characters to help keep the WoS line fresh... read more

Q: How can I keep my MIP World of Springfield toys minty fresh?

ProTech, maker of the Star Case, also makes a line of protective cases for the World of Springfield collectible figures and playsets. Mention the SCS in the notes on your order form and get 15% off of WOS cases.

Q: How do I contact Playmates Toys?

Playmates can be contacted via their Customer Service page on their website:
Playmates Customer Service

Q: How do I get the Be Sharps figures?

Check out the F.A.Q. thread on our message board for more information.

Q: How do I get the Celebrity mail-aways?

Cooder and Llewellyn Sinclair, the Celebrity mail-away figures, are no longer available. They had been available as part of a special limited mail-away offer that ran from August 15 to October 31 of 2002. Since that offer is expired, your best bet is to try the eBay auction site or our WoS trade forum.

Q: How do I know when a new item is out?

Your best bet is to check the SCS site regularly for news on upcoming and current releases. Also, you should look in our Sightings forum.

Q: I have a figure with an error on the card? Is this rare?

Many of the WoS figures have showed up with errored cards (such as another figure's picture on the card front), but this is not a valuable or uncommon variation.

Q: Is there a WoS Collectors Club?

There is not currently a WoS Collectors Club, though Playmates is currently considering something along those lines.... read more

Q: Is this the last year for the WoS line?

No. Playmates has no plans to end the WoS line anytime soon. They have to scale back the line (ie. only one playset per series, lower production numbers, less exclusives) due to slowing sales, but that doesn't mean the line is ending. They are working hard on their plans for 2004 and beyond.

Q: Should I be worried about battery leakage?

Leaking batteries is a potentially bad problem for the WoS playsets. Your best bet is to replace the included batteries with fresh ones when your open your playsets.

Q: What are the no-sticker book variants?

Most copies of Ned Flanders and Sunday Best Bart include stickers on their red books, which read "Good Book" and "Hymns" respectively . The early shipments of each figure included the books without their stickers. These were not just random errors but something that came out of every early case, many of which were shipped to K-Mart and Kay-Bee stores.

Q: What do those stamped codes on toy packages mean?

The packages of many consumer goods, including toys, have individual production codes stamped on them ... read more

Q: What happened to the Celebrity line?

The Celebrity (or All-Star Voices) line of WoS figures was cancelled by Playmates due to slow sales and the legal difficulty in acquiring the voice rights needed for some figures.

Q: What happened to the other 2 Arcade games (And other playset changes)?

Many collectors want to know why their Arcade has only three games as opposed to the five they saw in online pictures or why their Simpsons Kitchen has no corn on the curtains. The reason is that the pictures people see online or in toy magazines before an item’s release are prototype versions. It is not at all unusual for a company to make a few changes to a product before it is officially ... read more

Q: What happened to the Rabbi Krustofski figure?

The Krustofski figure was pulled from the second Celebrity series after negotiations with Jackie Mason (who voiced the Rabbi) failed. A picture can be seen in our Release Guide.

Q: What is New Force and the New Force Exclusive?

New Force Comics is one of the most successful independent online toy retailers and has had a very good relationship with Playmates since their Star Trek toy line ... read more

Q: What is the deal with the UK figures?

The WoS line is slightly different in the United Kingdom than it is in the United States.... read more

Q: What was the deal with the Hank Scorpio shortpack?

Hank Scorpio and Scout Leader Flanders were shortpacked in WoS Series 10. This was due to the fact that the Scorpio was added into the Series 10 lineup at the last minute (due to the cancellation of the Celebrity line).

Q: What's the deal with the Bongo figures? Are they WoS?

The Bongos Collide figure pack is not part of the interactive WoS line, but is in the same scale as the WoS figures. This was to be an ongoing line, but Fox cancelled the line early into its run.

Q: Where can I buy (insert Simpsons item or figure here)?

There are many retail stores that sell Simpsons merchandise. If your local stores are all out, you can try and make a trade or purchase in our Buy, Sell, Trade forums ... read more

Q: Where can I look at pictures of different Simpsons collectibles?

The World of Springfield Phrase Database has a loose picture of each released Playmates figure and environment. Our Merchandise Release Guide section contains images of many past and future releases ... read more

Q: Where can I pre-order WoS figures and playsets from a reliable seller?

We've heard good things about New Force Comics and Planet Action Figure, however the larger retail chains usually get product earlier, if you can manage to find it before it sells out ... read more

Q: Where is a list of figures, playsets, accessories and phrases for the WoS line?

Check out our own WoS Phrase Database which exhaustively lists information on the World of Springfield toy line.

Q: Why are Lisa, Grampa, and Smithers so scarce?

Lisa, Grampa and Smithers were not produced at the same volume level as other figures from Series 1 and 2 ... read more

Q: Why doesn't my Pin Pal Homer have the Pin Pals logo on his shirt?

No Pin Pal Homers were ever made with a Pin Pals logo ... read more

Q: Why is Alien Ship Homer so similar to the original Homer figure?

Playmates wanted to do a variant featuring Homer in the "Homer is a Dope" shirt, but couldn't get the clearance from FOX in time. Hence - a very boring variant composed of Sunday Best Homer's head on Series 1 Homer's body.

Q: Why is eBay's 30-day limit on pre-sales important?

Some eBay sellers have started auctions for Simpsons exclusives and other items that are not scheduled to be shipped within 30 days ... read more

Q: Why is there a sticker on my Series 5 cardbacks and what is the Aztec Theater?

Playmates originally planned to release an Aztec Theater playset with Series 7.... read more

Release Schedules
Q: What is the upcoming release schedule of World of Springfield figures?

Check out the Upcoming Releases section for more information and pictures of upcoming releases .

In addition, there's a thread listing the 2003 product release dates in our World of Springfield message board forum.

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