About the Staff:

The Simpsons Collector Sector began life in July, 2001 as an outgrowth of the "Simpsons Collectibles" message board (itself an outgrowth of the Collecting Simpsons! message board, which was closed by it's founder in June of 2001).

The original purpose of the site was to provide an easy place to keep track of things of note which were announced or discussed on the message board, and a place to host the community's images for use on EZboard. Since then the site has expanded to include exhaustive merchandise release listings, local collector and group listings, an online magazine and many other features useful for message board members and other collectors alike. The message board is also thriving; it provides a home to over 3000 members, hundreds of whom are active daily participants.

If it weren't for our wonderful staff of administrators, moderators and contributors, there would be no Simpsons Collector Sector. Without further ado, here they are...

phalen180 (Jonathan)

Jonathan is our webmaster and resident tech genius. Without him, this site would.... well, not exist. The man behind the WoS Phrase Database Site, he brought his wonderful database and skills to us in July, 2001 and the SCS website was born. He has a great work ethic. (actually he spaces out for an hour at a time and stares at his desk so it looks like he's working). Secret shame: Has 40 subscriptions to 'Vibe'. Don't ask.

Question about the rules or how to do something on the board or site, though? Fire away!

markwars1972 (Mark Lindsey)

Our fearless leader and hater of all things pants-related. Mark took over this community when Bill LaRue shut down his message board in June, 2001 and his tireless efforts have yet to cease. Sitting at his desk in his tightie-whities, he is the glue that holds this wacky bunch together. Give him a big hello when you see him on our board - If there's a Simpsons item being discussed, you can bet Mark will be there to scream "Me Wantee!" He is so obsessed that he created the WoS master list, which is like a portable version of the phrase database, but without the phrases.

blueduck37 (Jeremy Wilcox)

A self-proclaimed 'Geek Extraordinare', poor Jeremy is constantly having to defend that title from the SCS's many geeky... err, outstanding members. As one of our Administrators, it is his job to keep this place running smoothly while pretending to be doing real work when his boss walks by. Maybe one day he'll be rewarded with that blue-shirt Bart figure he desires so much.

Guy Incognito is suckiest suck whover sucked. No really Moe, this guy sucks. The SCS Made Man can often be found shaking down members for their Simpsons merchandise or a sandwich. Fortunetely this Boston resident doesn't suck at all times and is always willing to help out around the SCS when he's needed. Can often be heard inserting random lines from the show at will. Fourth runner-up for the first annual Markwars award for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence. Often seen throwing a few Duffenbrau's back in Moe's.

spanikopita (Nicole)

Nicole owns a restaurant in Chicago, but now lives in Olympia, WA, near Evergreen, where Matt Groening went to college. Nicole’s husband, affectionately known as "Mr. Spanikopita," also attended Evergreen, though not at the same time. Nicole and Jim also keep a residence in Chicago, and will be jet-setting back and forth between Olympia and Chicago for the next year or two. Why? Because everyone says that Mr. and Mrs. Spanikopita are crazy to own a restaurant halfway across the country from their home and they're determined to prove it. I guess Nicole likes a challenge!

Pssst. Amidalai Llama is Nicole’s stepdaughter (Mr. Spanikopita’s daughter) and Amidalai Llama's custom title says "Krusty’s daughter." We figure this means that Spanikopita's married to Krusty the Klown! Hey hey!

jmurray3 (James Murray)

James (jmurray3) is a law student from Norman, Oklahoma. You might remember jmurray3 as one of our long-time administrators. You may also remember him from his work on the Second and Third Annual Blinky Awards. He is currently busy away at law school and we are hoping to use him in the future when we are inevitably sued for illegal levels of geekiness.

At the age of 16, Jason is the youngest staff member on the site, as well as being an Administrator at The Futurama Foundation. Living in the UK, he gets to see a lot of rain, bowler hats and people flying around with umbrellas. Unfortunately, unlike Homer, he has never met Mr. Bean. Contrary to what his personal pic shows, PH's head does not pulsate. At least, not always.

B0b Frankend0rfer (Anthony Regina)

Anthony lives on Long Island, New York and has been a huge fan of "The Simpsons" since it's inception back on the "Tracey Ullman Show", though his memories of those days are foggy since he was just a small child at the time. He's currently attending college and helps maintain the Simpsons Collector Sector message board and website in his free time. He's a veritable encyclopedia of Simpsons knowledge and is always open to a round of Simpson's trivia. Try and beat him if you can. Go ahead, TRY!

At age 37, Meester Sparkle has been accused of having "Peter Pan complex" many times. He lives with his young son and two cats in the San Fransisco Bay Area. There are more toys and collectibles on their walls than visible paint, and his favorite foods are Quisp cereal and Goober Grape sandwiches.

Though he dreams of someday finishing his "novel" - work usually continues one pararaph at a time, sometimes with months between new material. Ask him nicely and he'll consider putting on his old Goth outfits for you, but we warn you - he can only find one of his buckle boots. Can't you see that he is serious?

Scotchtoberfest (Natasha)

Natasha is one of our website helpers and a highly dedicated Simpsacrap collector. She has done a lot of work on our Release Guide, particularly the comic book entries and the Hamilton collections. Check out our Release Guide for her work and many other entries on Simpsons collectibles. When you see her on our forums, be sure to tip your hat in appreciation!

paul actionfig (Paul Wasson)

Paul is a bit of a mystery at the Simpsons Collector Sector. Nobody is quite sure what he does, if anything, for the board. However, he does come up with interesting custom figures and accessories now and then. How he got to be a moderator is anybody's guess, but it probably involved PayPal. If your feeling a bit open-minded, visit the WoS/Customs forum, where he and the other customizers are having lengthy discussions about "Boil and Pop".

Ham Salad (Kevin)

Our resident mayonnaise-based life-form, Kevin is indigenous to the SCS, where he can be found moderating Moe's Tavern. He's also known to migrate to the WoS Discussion and Android's Dungeon forums, as he is a die-hard collector of numerous toy lines, including World of Springfield, Star Wars and The Muppets.

When allowed out of his cage, he spends time with his girlfriend Ketriana, goes on toy runs, and eagerly shows off his toy collection to anyone willing to look. (See it for yourself in the Android's Dungeon!)

Barnacleez (Alex)

For being born in a galaxy far, far away, Alex sure does spend a lot of time on the SCS boards. He currently presides over the Buy/Sell/Trade forum, in addition to the Android's Dungeon. When not watching over the boards (or saving the universe), he spends much of his time working as a mild-mannered software engineer.

In addition to collecting World of Springfield figures, he is known to collect several other toy lines, including Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, and the Muppets.

Our newest message board moderator, Mr. Bergstrom, can be found all over SCS. He is a high school English teacher from California, with grammar and spelling skills far surpassing those of mere mortals. Be careful what you post, because he might just grade you.

Jara is a Criminal Justice major at Georgia State University and hopes to work with juvenile delinquents after graduation (which explains what she's doing with the SCS!). She has worked in retail for over 7 years, both in the toy department and now as a Customer Service Manager. When she is not dealing with out of control customers at Wally World, she serves as Moderator in the Moe's Tavern and WOS B/S/T forums.

At 41, Michael Crawford is the crotchety old man of the group. He wears the waist band of his pants up around his chest, shakes his fist at children on his front lawn, and regails the other moderators with tales of a time spent walking to school in the deep snow uphill both ways, with crude drawings of early caveman cartoons on his wooden lunchbox. He's the only staff member to ever use the terms 'dagnabbit', 'whippersnapper' and 'far out'."

Attorney by day, smuggler of prohibited alcoholic beverages by night. When he's not filling bowling balls with homemade liquor, he serves as a Moderator on our WoS and Gabbin' forums. That Rex Banner fellow may catch him someday, but we doubt it.

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