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UPDATE (9/28): Laura regrets to inform us that all of her sets are sold out. She will still take names for a waiting list but can no longer guarantee anything for new customers.

UPDATE (9/21): Laura is now taking orders again, still $12.99 for an expected 12 toys. The confusion comes from the fact that all 15 toys are pictured on the advertisement poster, but the advance "manager's sets" she received only contain 12 toys, missing Lisa, Homer, and Principal Skinner. She is uncertain whether these toys have been cancelled, delayed, or will be "chase toys" only shipped 1 or 2 per case like some recent Burger King Pokemon toys. Laura will provide refunds if you are unhappy with the situation, and she will supply the 3 extra toys if it turns out they are a common release.

UPDATE (9/20 - afternoon): Laura has halted the sale of any more sets for now. She writes with this explanation, "We have an issue, the burger king posters reflect 15 toys but the sets my partner has , has 12 toys to the set, the sets will have 12 toys to them, we are confirming tonight, we think the other 3 toys will be on the same wavelength as the pokemon promo and the 3 unique talking pikachus that were packed 1 or 2 to a case of toys. If there are any simpsons toys packed 1 or 2 to a case they will not be a part of the set, I'll keep you posted, but we wont be selling anymore sets till this gets straightened out."

UPDATE (9/20 - morning): Laura has confirmed there are 15 toys in the set, as shown in our photo. The price has increased from $12.99 to $15.99 as a result of this, but if your payment is postmarked prior to 9/19, the original price will be honored. Sets won't ship until the beginning of November as they will only release about 3-4 toys each week. Laura is already running out of her allotted quantity.

If you would like to preorder a set there's no need to go to an auction-- just email Laura Quirk and tell her that Simpsons Collector Sector sent you.

Laura Quirk, eBay/Yahoo! seller "supply312" has recently been spotted auctioning off preorder BK Treehouse of Horror 2001 promo sets in large quantities. With a feedback rating of 5272, we're pretty sure that she can come up with the goods.
The price per set is $15.99, please contact Laura for shipping costs (she will ship internationally).

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