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UPDATE: Allocation chart updated on 10/03. More updates pending.

SCS member TRU Employee informs us that THOH 4 has begun to ship to TRU warehouses and should be in stores as early as next week. He also says that the Be-Sharps set will be in stores the first or second week of October. Keep in mind that the Flashback/Ullman set is an Amazon exclusive and will not be available in stores. TRU Employee reports the following Toys 'R' Us distribution center allotments for THOH 4 and the Be-Sharps set as of today:

Allottment of
SKN: 733655
Allottment of
Be-Sharps Set
SKN: 733698
Warehouse Location
5401 400224
56012,2721,508 Rialto, CA
58011,7281,152Stockton, CA
60011,844 1,232Joliet, IL
63014,460 2,968 Flanders, NJ
77011,432 956 Midlothian, TX
8301 1,648 1,100Frederick, MD
8801 1,412 1,324 McDonough, GA
8901 652 436 Fairfield, OH
9201 956 640 Youngstown, OH
9501 1,024 684 Lees Summit, MO
8501 1,400528

Green = On Hand (in the warehouse or in the stores)
Yellow = Pending (on route to the warehouse)
Red = On Order (not yet sent to the warehouse)

Remember, you can match the first 2 digits of the first number on your store receipt to your store's warehouse number. However, if the number does not match one on this list, then you have to ask your store which warehouse serves them. The examples we know of include warehouse 5801 also serving the 80xx stores and warehouse 6301 also serving the 64xx and 75xx stores.

Thanks to TRU Employee for this update.

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