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Mmmmmm.... Fridge Clock

Member Animatz has given us details on an exciting new product: The Homer Fridge Clock. This clock features 6 phrases, a working fridge lamp and is available for sale on his site now. Other products coming next year include a few new watches, a Squishee radio (based on the Duff Beer Radios) and a Homer Poster Alarm Clock, which we hope to have more info on soon.

A number of collectors are reporting that they have received shipping notices from regarding their preorders for the TRU exclusive Bowling Alley playset. All preorder customers should expect to receive this notice soon.

It's that time again, the SCS presents another interview with one of our members, this time it's 20 Questions with TCM Hitchhiker. Make sure you check out the SCS Magazine for more of our 20 Questions Interviews. If you're an SCS member interested in participating in 20 questions, be sure to check out our Message Board for more information.

According to Diamond Comics' weekly shipping list, the following Simpsons items will be shipping today to comic stores and other retailers who ordered them:

ActionFigureXpress Offers School Bus Deal

A news item on mentions that ActionFigureXpress is offering customers 50% off select Simpsons merchandise with every purchase of The Simpsons Talking Elementary School Bus. This is a great deal for those looking to catch up on recent Simpsons releases.

Eye on eBay: UK Exclusive World of Springfield 4-Pack

UPDATE (9/4): This set is currently available at Woolworth's stores in the UK.

eBay seller Midco Toys has four auctions up for an upcoming UK exclusive 4-pack featuring Chief Wiggum, Nelson, Kamp Krusty Bart and Pin Pal Homer. These four figures were not released as part of the Series 2 and 3 UK non-interactive figures, and will only be available there in this box set, to go to an as yet unnamed UK retailer. As with many of the current "non-Interactive" figures being released, they seem to include the resistor pack in their feet which enables them to talk on the interactive environments.

MORE NEWS: First...234

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