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We have begun collecting your personal thank-yous to Jeff Trojan at Playmates. It is time to let him know we appreciate the answers, insight, and information he has given us as well as his work on the Simpsons line. We also plan to customize a unique "Jeff Trojan" figure for him.

We recently found a Bumblebee Man miscarded on an Otto cardback at Toys "R" Us in Covina, California and a Bumblebee Man on a Moe card at WalMart in Salem, Oregon. Although these kinds of errors are often reported, the strange thing about one like this is that since there is no UPC on Series 3 cardbacks and no UPC on Series 5 inserts, the cashiers cannot scan this figure at the register as they normally would. Here are pictures of the Otto-cardback error figure... read more

If you're still in need of any Series 5 figures, has them all for sale individually for a good price, $5.99 each.

Local Burger Kings said today that the price to buy meal toys without food is just 99 cents + tax per toy. You may want to check with your local BK but it's likely this is true nationwide. This means that if there are 15 in the set as shown in our advance picture, the full set will cost $14.85 + tax in stores.

It's not the first and it probably won't be the last, but I always like to see the results when the best TV comedy series of the '90s meets the best movie adventure series of the '80s. You can view several pictures of this custom Homer Simpson as Indiana Jones on eBay.

Seller supply312 with over 5,000 feedback is pre-selling hundreds of sets of Burger King Treehouse of Horror toys on eBay and Yahoo Auctions for $12.99 + $4.50 S&H a set. He ships internationally. He says the promotion will run from 10/1 to 11/4 and he will ship by 11/9. Do a search for "Simpsons Burger King 2001 USA."

New Force has received their first order of Playmates Dot Pals Homer Simpson. They will ship all pre-orders this week and expect to receive more copies later to put up for sale again. For more information about Dot Pals Homer, visit Playmates' website.

Voting ended and September Questions were chosen. Michael Crawford should have already sent them to Jeff Trojan at PlayMates, now.

New Force, who had a case of the next series of figures and playsets shipped in by air, has given us the "Try Me" quotes from each of the new playsets... read more

I have added a new, original article to the Magazine. In it I trace the cycle of greed and corruption that has damaged many collecting hobbies and now threatens World of Springfield. Playmates needs to see the warning signs and realize that this line must be marketed to the true fans and collectors and no one else if it is going to survive.

MORE NEWS: First...234567..Last

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