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Here are the latest updates from New Force Comics & Collectibles, still the cheapest place to pre-order World of Springfield items online. The highlight this week is more Series 6 figures available, including discounts on damaged cards... read more

UPDATE (9/23): Member BartLover4Ever has found the playsets at Media Play in Cheektowaga, NY and states that all area stores received sets in on Friday.

UPDATE (9/22): One of our IL members also found them at a Suncoast.

Wolfspider at AFTimes found the Church and Arcade playsets at Fox Valley Mall Suncoast in Naperville, IL... read more

Member shaughn13 found the Treehouse of Horror 2 Friday in Sacramento, CA and sent us pictures and the playset quotes... read more

Laura Quirk, who is pre-selling sets of the Burger King Treehouse of Horror Spooky Light-up toys, has just received an advance manager's set and given us details on the design and features of the toys... read more

Continuing our close watch on the arrival of the Toys "R" Us exclusive Treehouse of Horror 2, due to hit literally any day now, here is another update with most reporting coming from insider TRU Employee... read more

The Dot Pals Homer Simpson is now available at The price is a whooping $69.99, $20 more than New Force charged when they had it in-stock. No word on any other retailers getting this yet, although we heard Amazon might.

The Simpsons First Season DVD has just been spotted in Target stores for $29.99. Also, at least one online retailer, Deep Discount DVD, notified customers that their pre-orders shipped yesterday.

This week's TV Guide includes a blurb about The Simpsons DVD and action figures. The editor of Action Figure News & Toy Review calls them "the hottest toy on the market right now." Toys mentioned include the Halloween and Christmas sets, some of the next wave of figures and playsets, Fat Tony, and a surprise announcement of a new Celebrity Series figure, Jackie Mason as Rabbi Krustofski.

Member cletus has reported that 2 of the 10 Toys "R" Us distribution centers received their allotment of the Treehouse of Horror 2 this weekend. Conflicting information says these warehouses may be located in CA, IL, and/or NY, but it's unclear which states they serve. The set could be hitting stores this week. The original Treehouse of Horror was on shelves by September 26th, 2000.

A post by TRU Employee on Action Figure Times reveals and/or confirms some details and rumors about Toys "R" Us SKN's, the Amazon World of Springfield bundle, and Treehouse of Horror 2... read more

MORE NEWS: First...234567..Last

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