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UPDATE: The board is back up!

EZBoard says this:
"All pubs currently down and will be back up shortly. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience."
We'll let you know when it's back up...

Here is our first news update from Sunway Co., one of the leading online retailers of miscellaneous Simpsons and Futurama merchandise. This update concerns foreign pewter Simpsons items. We plan to continue bringing you these updates, but you can sign up on their site to receive them directly. You can also see pictures of their merchandise there... read more

Here is the current status on Treehouse of Horror 2 in Toys "R" Us warehouses. Two more warehouses have it on hand now, and one more has it pending. We have also added the allotment numbers on the Christmas exclusive, which will not be shipping for about two more months... read more

Member willebear42, one of the winners of Playmates' store report contest, just received his prize package including factory samples of Boxing Homer and Convention Comic Book Guy. He was kind enough to share images of them with us:

9/25/2001 DVD-riffic - discuss

Today is the official release date for The Simpsons First Season DVD. It should now be available at retailers both online and off nationwide.

Mr. Showbiz reports FOX will not rerun "The City of New York Vs. Homer Simpson," in which Homer has a comical adventure at the World Trade Center. No Simpsons episode has been pulled before, but a joke about Haing S. Ngor's Oscar was edited from "Team Homer" when he was murdered. No word on if the episode will go to DVD.

The World of Springfield Phrase Database has had several updates the last few days, including loose pictures of most of Series 5 and Pin Pal Burns. ... read more

Tomart's Action Figure Digest #91, the September issue, debuts the first ever published picture of Cletus from Series 7, shipping this December.

Member Hunter1985 wrote in to tell us what accessories come with Reverend Lovejoy and Jimbo Jones. Lovejoy's are already receiving high praise with a conductor's hat, model train, and a good book. Jimbo comes with a camera, a wallet, and what looks like a game cartridge. Here is an image of the accessories from Hunter1985.

As of now only 1 out of 10 Toys "R" Us warehouses has TOH2 "on hand," the 5801 warehouse. 4 more warehouses have it "pending," 6301, 8901, 9201, and 9501. The rest still have it "on order." Remember, you can match the first 2 digits of the first number on your receipt to your store's warehouse number. However, if the number does not match one on this list, then you have to ask your store which warehouse serves them... read more

MORE NEWS: First...234567..Last

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