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Season 3 DVD Reviews Begin

The highly anticipated Season 3 DVD set is approximately two (long) weeks away from release and the reviews have already begun. The first one spotted is a glowing one from If you come across any other reviews or news for this set, please email us with the info.

Christmas Comes In August

742 Evergreen Terrace, the first piece in the Simpsons Christmas Village collection, has begun shipping. Future pieces include Krusty Burger, the Kwik-E-Mart, and Moe's Tavern. Ordering info for this collection is available on Collectibles Today. Also arriving on doorsteps is Duffin' Thru a Winter Wonderland, the fifth in the Simpsons Christmas Express collection by Hamilton. Thanks to member scotchtoberfest for the info.

THOH 4 And Be-Sharps Set Preorders Up!

UPDATE (8/16): The THOH set is sold out right now (use the Amazon "E-mail Me When Available" feature for availability updates). We will also let you know if more become available. (TRU Online) has again put their WoS exclusives up for pre-order online. Both the Be Sharps Playset and Treehouse of Horror IV are listed with price tags of $39.99. The online-only exclusive Flashback Set is also still listed for pre-order as well. Thanks to members Hi Def Chuck and micallef for pointing us to these items.

Mark Tarses of SunwayCo sent out this update on Simpsons products, including information an upcoming Yoo-Hoo tie-in:

... read more

SDCC Coverage Continues

UPDATE (8/15) Our photographic coverage concludes with Friday at the Con and After, a side trip to Legoland and more photos from Saturday and Sunday.

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos and to phalen180 for processing and organizing them! See you all next year!... read more

The Greeks knew it.  The Carthaginians knew it.  Now MWC knows it.

Tonight MWC looks at the Military Antiques Shop set (now hitting stores) at Michael's Review of the Week. Hoping not to end up bound and gagged like poor Wiggum, Mr. Crawford ventured into the shop for a critical analysis and he seems to like what he saw. (If the review is not on the front page make sure to check out the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 8/7/03.)

Worst Bust Ever!

Many people have been inquiring about the upcoming Collector mini-bust shown at the San Diego Comic Con and member Sideshow Brant of Sideshow Toys has given us the details. The Collector is a 1,000-piece exclusive to Sideshow's website (though you may find it in some European shops later on) and will be up for preorder soon. Up for preorder now are the non-exclusive Apu and Comic Book Guy busts from the third series.

New Simpsons Dolls Are A Scream

After a mini-release in June, the Simpsons Screamers dolls have now hit mainstream retail. SCS member Ketracel White found them at Target for $7.99 each. These dolls shout out up to 8 unique phrases from the show when you squeeze, shake or set them down.

Some miscellaneous Simpsacrap has been released lately, including the much anticipated THOH Zombie bendies set which is now available at Wicked Cool Stuff and should be in stores like Suncoast soon. Also, the Flashing 'Cheers' Wall Clock has been spotted at a Dapy's store. This indicates many of the other upcoming clocks by Wesco are out too or should be out soon. Thanks to SCS members OliverDubin and SloppyJimbo for the respective heads-up.

Kelloggs Minis Not So Mini?

To follow up on an earlier news item, the question of whether the Kellogg figurines were the same as last year's capsule figurines has been answered. SCS member Doctor Colossus has informed us that while the sculpts are nearly the same as the capsule ones, the Kelloggs minis are actually a bit larger, as this image demonstrates.

MORE NEWS: First...23..Last

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