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Michael Crawford On Movie Figures: Two Thumbs Up!

Todd McFarlane lucked out getting the Simpsons license just as the movie was being made, and has the honor of releasing the official movie figures. Michael Crawford takes a look at the four main 'Movie Mayhem' figures (Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa/Maggie) on his Review of the Week website. With both compact, eye-catching packaging and sharper sculpts, these are the best McFarlane releases yet. An Itchy & Scratchy figure, Homer with pig figure, and a Bart/Flanders box set are also now available. If the review's not on the front page, check out his archives for the review (dated July 16).

This isn't collecting-related news, but we thought our readers would find it interesting. 20th Century Fox ran an online poll, in the past week, asking readers to choose between several Springfields in different states to be host to the movie premiere. And the winner is... Springfield, Vermont! The premiere will be held on Thursday, July 26th. The movie is officially released the next day all across the nation.

In related news, the new issue of Vanity Fair magazine has a feature article on our favorite family.

7/8/2007 Qee Party - discuss
Qee Party

A number of Bart Qees are being in released in conjunction with the Simpsons movie. These are a type of designer toy created by the company Toy2R in Asia (see explanation- here). reveals that "Diamond Comic Distributors, in conjunction with Hong Kong based toy company Toy2r, has acquired QEE rights to" The Simpsons. Initial release will involve both a 3" and a 10" QEE. The 3" version is expected around the end of the month, with the 10" one following soon. Meanwhile, Big Bad Toy Store, features a preorder on a case with 12 different Bart Qee variants. More details expected at the San Diego Comic Con.

The Vans sneaker company will soon be releasing sneakers with Simpsons designs, to celebrate the upcoming film. HypeBeast has the announcement, with a note that the sneakers will be available this Saturday, July 14th. Another site has an early look at some of the designs. Thanks to SCS members kermy812 and Heub for the info.

Wonderful World of Animation-- an authorized dealer of original Simpsons art-- emails to tell us that they are now offering original art from The Simpsons movie. They also informed us of a Simpsons event at their gallery (9517 Culver Blvd. in Culver City, CA), on Thursday the 19th of this month. Joe Mantegna is co-hosting with Fred Willard. If you are a WWA client who has purchased from them, you can RSVP for an invitation.

McFarlane Toy's line of Simpsons movie figures have hit comic book shops starting today. The sets out now are: Movie Mayhem Homer; Movie Mayhem Marge; Movie Mayhem Bart; Movie Mayhem Lisa and Maggie; Homer and Plopper; Itchy & Scratchy ('Presidential Politics'); as well as the "What You Lookin' At Deluxe Box Set" featuring Flanders, Bart, and the multi-eyed creature. The Sherri/Terri/Bart set has apparently been delayed. Price should be around $12-15 each for the main six sets.

Today begins the Simpsons promotion at 7-11 convenience stores all across the country. The Slurpee flavor of the month is "Blue Woo Hoo! Vanilla" and will be served in special 'Squishee' cups. They will also have, exclusively, food products as seen on the show: Buzz Cola, Krusty-Os cereal, and Homer’s sprinklicious pink donuts. Other products include Radioactive Man Comic Book Edition #711 and collectible Slurpee cups and magnetic straws. Find a Kwik-E-Mart/7-11 near you via their locator website.

UPDATE: The 12 specific locations done up to full resemble a Kwik-E-Mart are: New York City; Chicago; Dallas; Denver; Burbank, CA; Los Angeles; Henderson, NV.; Orlando, FL.; Mountain View, CA.; Seattle; and Bladensburg, MD.... Another article confirms a Canadian location in Coquitlam, British Columbia.

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