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UPDATE (7/7): A letter from Playmates Toys President Lou Novak (Adobe Acrobat reader required) regarding the World In Advance program indicates that a letter will be sent to respondents directly from Playmates Toys, rather than a replacement COA.

We've received an email from World in Advance's President, Martin Hitch, which includes information on how to obtain a replacement COA with an actual signature on it.... read more

One of our little-used and under-trumpeted features is the Local Listings. Designed to foster the creation of local collector groups and get togethers by letting members in the same state or area email each other and have an area on the site to post meeting information, we think it can work for you!

View An Example

If your meeting or group isn't listed and you'd like it to be, please let us know.

Molloy Was A Rank Amateur Compared To Dr. Colossus!

With thanks again to Chris Lauria and Playmates Toys, we are bringing you a Playset Art Exclusive Look: Police Station, the seventh in our series of behind-the scenes features on the WoS playsets. This set features the most detailed images yet, including the once-planned Doctor Colossus sticker! Check out this and the previous installments in the SCS Magazine.

Limited Edition Dioramas: Que Es El Dealio?

An editorial by phalen180 discussing the Limited Edition Series 2 Re-Release Dioramas, entitled Limited Edition Dioramas: Que Es El Dealio? has been added to our Magazine.

Series 13 On The Way

It seems like Series 12 just came out, but the next series is already on its way. Series 13 is due out in stores in a couple of weeks and this was posted on the New Force Comics website: "Our container of Wave 13 and Playset I are in route to the US. Next week, the 2 pack Dioramas should be on the way". Woo hoo!

I Can't Wear A Pink Shirt!

UPDATE (7/02): The comparison photos and WoS Database photos have been finished.

And now for the good news... many photos have been added to the Release Guide entry for Re-Releases Series 2 (Dioramas), including comparison shots of the two versions of each character. Loose photos of the figures and the dioramas have been added to the World of Springfield Database. Oh yeah, YES THAT IS A PINK SHIRT GRAMPA!

Lame-ited Edition Arrives

Our very own phalen180 received his "Limited Edition" re-release dioramas from World in Advance today.

Rather than arriving with signed certificates, the sets arrived with certificates printed with Playmates President Lou Novak's signature. There is a difference between printed and signed folks... unless you're willing to believe that every piece of Simpsons merchandise is signed by Matt Groening? ... me neither.

Color Prototype Of Ullman Set Revealed has published the first ever color photo of the Simpsons Flashback Set, featuring our favorite family as they appeared in the early Tracy Ullman shorts. This set is an online exclusive and will not be available in Toys R Us stores, so preorder yours today. It is set to ship sometime in October.

Soft and Yielding, Like A Nerf Ball

The Homer, one of the more anticipated Simpsons releases of the summer, has finally arrived. It is a snap-kit model that you put together and build yourself. More details and images can be seen at the Playing Mantis website. It is now in stock at and will likely be available soon at comic and hobby shops.

MORE NEWS: First...23

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