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EBay seller Old Tyme Toy Store has started auctioning a massive collection of 9,000+ Simpsons items from 30 countries going back 12 years, boasting some of the rarest and most unique releases including some owned by show executives. Boxer shorts from Japan, prototype Arby's sticker premiums, a beach towel from Scandinavia, and a Bart scarf from Israel don't begin to describe the depth and range of the items offered. All listings appear to include pictures. Here is the seller's pitch and some tips for monitoring the auctions... read more

New Force Comics & Collectibles, consistently the cheapest place to pre-order World of Springfield items online, has updated their web site news with this teaser on pre-ordering the WoS Celebrity Wave 1 and EB/Diamond exclusive High School Homer and Marge set... read more

Here is the latest e-mail update from Sunway Co., one of the leading online retailers of miscellaneous Simpsons (and Futurama) merchandise. You can sign up on their site to receive these updates directly. You can also see pictures of their merchandise there. This short update announces that Sunway has the Simpsons Uno Card Game available for $13. We note that Grant's Toys also still has 3 sets available for $12... read more

The online store Toy Fever has started its fifth monthly giveaway, this time for Boxing Homer. You can enter with your e-mail address once per day until December 31st. They have also restocked with WoS Series 4 ($49.99) and started pre-orders for WoS Series 8 ($42.99). As always, they guarantee mint condition packaging unless otherwise stated.

Season 13's 4th episode, with a Mr. Burns storyline, debuts tonight on FOX at 8 PM ET. With this episode Julia Louis-Dreyfus marks the first time a Seinfeld regular does a guest star performance on The Simpsons. Here is's summary of "A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love" (CABF18)... read more

MORE NEWS: First...23

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