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Image Is Everything

Our Member's Images section has been updated with thumbnails for each image, and the removal of some rarely-used categories. If nothing else, check out our gallery of Simpsonized members!.

Following a repeat of "Gump Roast", the Simpsons have another all-new outing tonight at 8PM/7C. In this latest episode, Bart and Lisa end up in the same class when Lisa is moved up a grade while Bart is sent down one.

UPDATE!: He also has the 300th Episode Set for presell now for a low price of $31.99.

Preorders for Series 11 and the Courtroom Playset are now available at New Force Comics. Openers can snag the series of figures for 29.99 and MOC collectors can get a set for 34.99. An opener Courtroom set for 17.99, MOC sets for 19.99. As always, New Force offers cases as well. He will also have series 2 of the 9" figures for sale soon, as they are no longer Target exclusives.

He doesn't waste any time, does he? Tonight, Michael Crawford reviews Playmates' first mail-away figures, Cooder and Llewellyn Sinclair! Check his review site for this and many other reviews. If the review is not on the front page make sure to check the Cartoon Reviews archive for the date 11/14/02.

Cooder and Llewellyn Sinclair Arrive!

The flood of new WoS continues! Collectors have started receiving their Cooder and Llewellyn Sinclair mail-away figures today. SCS member WooHoo shares this info: "They were in a small white box. The figures were bagged and held in place with cardboard filler. Inside some of the filler were the accessories (so don't just throw it out!). The accessories are rather nice. Cooder has a novelty size comb, 3 ring-toss rings (that are connected together), cash (reuse from Burns) and a cash box. Sinclair has a play reveiw ('Play Enjoyed By All'), a script for 'Oh, Streetcar!', a business card for the Ayn Rand School For Tots and a ball point pen". These were shipped First Class, so everyone should receive them soon.

UPDATE!: We have added an image of these to our Release Guide. Thanks to Laura Quirk.

To follow up on an earlier news item, we have learned that the four talking Burger King Simpsons watches will be Homer, Bart, Simpsons family, and Krusty. These will be at BKs starting on the week of the 24th. Laura Quirk, eBay powerseller supply312, is taking preorders for these watches as she did with the Creepy Classics figures. Visit her BK shop for more info.

Good news for U.K. collectors- Vivid is continuing to release the WoS overseas. Ian, owner of, gave us some new info about the UK (non-interactive) World of Springfield Series 5 and 6, to be released in January.... read more

Eye On eBay: Early New Years At TRU

UPDATE!: It appears that this set is indeed out already! SCS member and TRU employee cosmiccow reports that his TRU in Wilkes-Barre, PA received one case of these today. The Times Square store also has this in stock as well as stores in New Jersey and Massachusetts.

eBay seller bfl15 appears to have one of the Toys 'R Us exclusive New Year's Eve playsets, complete with pictures. We're not sure what this means, but we will keep you updated as more of these exclusive sets appear. This set is scheduled for release later this month.

UPDATE (11/26):The poll is now closed. We will send the results to Playmates for their review.

We're proud to introduce our brand new polling system ... read more

Our site search functionality has been improved. In the past, while you could search for multiple terms at the same time (separated by commas), the results were not sorted so that results relevant to more than one of your search terms appeared before results that were only related to one of your keywords... read more

MORE NEWS: First...2345..Last

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