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Burger King has put up an official Simpsons Spooky Light-ups web page. They've got close-up pictures of all the toys, their official names, character bios, as well as "in-character" Trick or Treating tips from Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa.

A flood of new products means a flood of new reviews from Simpsons Collector Sector administrator Michael Crawford. You can now read his review of the Arcade and Church environments, complete with pictures, on his long-running web site Michael's Review of the Week.

Laura Quirk (aka supply312) has just sent us email confirmation that the full, regular set of BK toys will be include Lisa, Homer and Skinner; these three figures were previously thought to be chase figures.... read more

TRU Warehouse 5601 (Rialto, CA) has received (or will receive today) 2344 units of TOH2 and warehouse 8301 (Frederick, MD) is a step behind with it still on order.... read more

Descriptions of each character and character variant have been updated and expanded in the World of Springfield Phrase Database, thanks to James Murray, phalen180 and SNPP (site provides voice credit information). Enjoy!

Today is the official release day for the Burger King Spooky Light-ups for any stores that haven't started selling them already. So far we have reports of these shipping:

3) Apu 4) Mr. Burns 5) Ned Flanders
7) Maggie 8) Groundskeeper Willie 9) Dr. Hibbert
10) Marge 11) Milhouse 12) Grampa
13) Bart 14) Krusty the Clown 15) Barney

Please e-mail us if you have a confirmed sighting and/or pictures of Homer, Lisa, or Skinner.

UPDATE (10/4): All figures including Lisa and Marge & Maggie are now available to order again.

UPDATE: Marge & Maggie appear to be sold out already. This is the picture they put up.

Member kwyjibo1 noticed German online store PBToys is selling the new foreign exclusive non-talking WoS Series 1 carded figures, including Marge & Maggie. Look in Simpsons under "Actionfig." Using this currency converter, the price of one figure and the minimum shipping each come to $14. They do not show Lisa as available, but they did upload her picture to the site.

The Simpsons Sourcebook reports on a guest lecture by Simpsons producer Mike Reiss. Reiss confirms rumors that work has begun on a Simpsons Season 2 DVD which may be out by Christmas. Plus, bad news for all you N'Sync fans, last season's "New Kids on the Blecch" has also been pulled from syndication due to its imagery of collapsing buildings in New York.

MORE NEWS: First...23

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